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Three municipal children's art school in Vladivostok completely renewed for 5 years

Three municipal children\

In three art schools in Vladivostok - № 1 № 3 and № 6 induced real luster. They are under orders of the head of Vladivostok IgorPushkarev for five years, was conducted a systematic overhaul. In stages from 2009 repaired roofs, facades, interior spaces and communication.

During this time, children's art school number 1 has been thoroughly renovated roof and a number of school facilities, the reconstruction of the hall of the first floor, repaired stairs. In 2012 repaired 17 training classes - special attention is paid tolighting and sound insulation in the rooms are also made new floors and ceilings, upgraded wall. Also renovated the library, the corridor of the first floor and two sanitary rooms.

The children's art school number 6 completed renovated rooms of the ground floor - hall, corridors, classrooms and toilets. Recall that from 2009 was renovated two art classes and halls of the first and second floors, a large concertHall choreography department, which set a new convenient tools for choreography classes, floors covered with wood flooring with special impregnation made mirrored wall, carried out extensive electrical work with replacement wiring. In addition, the reconstruction of the facade of the school of art, which is decorated with architectural lighting.

"The school building was erected in 1937 - The director of the Art School number 6 Lyudmila Korgunova. - Over the years, the building was renovated, although the space it needed. Four years ago, the head of the school visited Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev and promised that the overhaul of the entire building will necessarily organized. Recently, art schools pay special attention to make the repair, updated material and technical base. "

The children's art school number 3 in 2009 repaired the facade, renovation of the concert hall, repair of electrical networks, classrooms, works on landscaping and lighting school grounds.

For reference:

In Vladivostok, 10 municipal music, art and art schools. 3700 children are enrolled in five areas - music, art, dance, theater, aesthetic.

By order of the mayor Igor Pushkarev, ten municipal music, art schools and art schools of Vladivostok for the past five years there has been a systematic overhaul. During this time the issues were resolved on capital and current repairs of roofs, facades and interiors.

First note overhaul of school buildings Arts was paid in 2009. Thus, a major overhaul and reconstruction of concert halls DShI number 1 number 3 art schools, art schools, and number 6 DShI chamber hall number 7. Capitally renovated facade DShI number 3 part art school number 3 a major overhaul of electric networks in art schools and art schools number 3 number 8 repaired roofs DShI number 6 and number 3 art school.

For 5 years, fully upgraded children's art school number 1 3 and 6. Here refurbished power and district heating network, made repairs classes, halls, concert halls and ancillary facilities, new equipment, installed new windows, doors, new ceilings, walls and floors repaired, replaced plumbing, renovated facades.

In all schools of art is completely changed to plastic windows, all institutions are equipped with automatic fire and burglar alarm systems, video surveillance systems installed.

Particular attention is paid to equipping children's art schools musical instruments, updating computer equipment, purchase of special equipment. So, in 2012 for the first time all municipal children's art schools were awarded certificates for the purchase of electric piano Yamaha.

Students of children's art schools are actively involved in all-Russian and international competitions and festivals. For example, the ensemble of folk instruments "rogues" (Art School number 3) won the Grand Prix at the International Festival "award g.Lanchano" (Italy), I Prize XXXII All-Russia festival-competition "The unity of Russia" has become a model ensemble of Russian folk song "Belfry" , head N.I.Galkina (DSHI number 3), 2nd place at the VII Moscow International Festival-Competition of Slavic music was piano duo Elena Efimova and Daria Kaigorodova (CMS № 2).

The most talented and hard-working students of the school of arts awarded special scholarships. Scholarships for gifted children in the field of culture and art are given at the end of the last academic year. Talented singers, musicians and artists who have received scholarships, are the winners and the winners of local, regional, national and international competitions, as well as get good grades in the classroom. In 2012 at the direction of Igor Pushkarev stipend was increased three-fold. So, now receives scholarship award in the amount of 9000 rubles, and the team - 30000.

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