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«Луч-Энергия» одолел иркутский «Байкал» — 3:2

«Луч-Энергия» одолел иркутский «Байкал» — 3:2

On Friday, April 26 the players, "Ray-Energy" won their first victory in the spring stage of the Championship of Russia in the area of the "East." On the lawn of the stadium "Dinamo" yellow-blue defeated Irkutsk "Baikal" 3-2. This success has allowed the Trust Konstantin Emelyanov catch up in the standings, "Chita": Both teams are now on 45 points.

Tihonovetsky (p.), 14 - 1-0;
Dudikov, 57 - 1:1
Ivanov (Sagirov), 65 - 2:1
Koryan (p.), 82 - 3:1
Dudikov, 90 + - 3:2.

The teams:

"Luch-Energia": Smolkin, Putilin, Mogilev, Kazantsev (Mikheyev, 75), Kolychev, Reznikov (Rozhkov, 68), Koryan (Surodin 85), Rashevsky, Sagirov, Zemchenkov (Smith, 59), Tihonovetsky (Stolbovoy, 59)

"Baikal": Barkalov Yakovlev (Nahanovich, 75), Leskov, inquisitive (machine interface, 45), Shmoykov, Yushchuk, Dudikov, Uzoykin, Korobeynikov (Borowski, 46), Nekrasov, Vahrushev.

Warning: Kolychev, 24 - Uzoykin, 63 Vakhrouchev, 76.

Removal: Uzoykin, 81 (2 yellow. Cards.)

Referee: Eugene Lekanov (Zheleznogorsk).

Match stats:

Shots on goal (on target): 29 (11) - 8 (4)

Dangerous moments: 6 - 1

Corners: 12 - 1.

Опубликовано:   27-04-2013, 12:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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