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Charity Festival "Varna key"

Charity Festival "Varna key" Charity Festival "Varna key" will be held September 28 to October 6. The creative team of Primorsky Opera and Ballet will perform in 13 cities of Primorye, a charitable foundation Yuri Bogdanov's "Ecology of Culture" will collect money from patrons. All of the money raised by the festival organizers will list the development of music and art schools. The festival will not only artists Seaside Theatre of Opera and Ballet, but also invited musicians from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Among them will be the Mariinsky Theater tenor Vitaly Ishutin and the famous guitarist from Moscow Dmitry Borodayev. Admission is free for all visitors. "We would like to see with the help of our sponsors of the festival turned their attention to the problem areas, which are in the cities. The names of sponsors will be published on the website of the fund and the administration of the province are covered in the media. Still, let's not forget that talented young people is our common responsibility, "- said Anton Lubchenko, artistic director of the Maritime Theater of Opera and Ballet. Heads of municipal formations of Primorsky Krai are also ready to support the organization of the first charity festival "Seaside key." This was the result of a conference call with the heads of municipalities, which was held under the chairmanship of Senator of the Federation Council Tatiana Zabolotnaya. During a conference call discussing addressed organizational matters related to the welfare of the festival. At the end of the conversation it was agreed on the key issues relating to the holding of the event. "In my opinion, the joint efforts we should get a great project, but the final word will be for the spectators who come to the concerts. Information and support will be by the national media. We want to make this an annual festival in the Primorsky Krai ", - said Tatiana Zabolotnaya. The closing ceremony of the festival will be held Oct. 6 at the scene Primorye Philharmonic. The concert orchestra Seaside Theatre of Opera and Ballet will attend a talented young pianist from Moscow, Scholarship Foundation of Vladimir Spivakov, Nikolai Kuznetsov.

Eugene Zhitnikova, RIA «VladNews».

Опубликовано:   4-09-2013, 15:47      |      Категория:  eng news

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