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Management of environment protection and nature management

Management of environment protection and nature management Management of environment protection and nature management of the administration of Vladivostok continues work on the identification of cases of illegal felling of trees on the territory of the regional center. Every day specialists monitor the conservation of green plantations, go with inspections at the addresses specified in the petitions of the inhabitants of the city. On results of checks to the «black woodcutters» apply measures provided for in the applicable legislation - materials for initiation of criminal cases on the fact of felling of trees to the authorities of the police. As have informed in management of the environment and resource use, only in may 2013 excited nine criminal cases on an item 260 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation for the felling of trees on the territory of the city. Among them mass felling of trees (more than 150 of destroyed and damaged trees) near the billboards along the Avenue 100-letiya Vladivostoka, 33-3572 Ul. Ivanovo, ul Некрасовской, the prospectus of the red banner, 45 Ostryakov Avenue, 2 St. Rural, 3 Ocean Avenue, 87/2 - 10190102A and 111 the total sum of the caused damage amounted to more than 1.5 million roubles in addition, an investigation on the fact of mass felling of trees in the area Ul. Borisenko, 35. The section was illegally destroyed and damaged more than 160 trees. The total damage amounted to more than 1.9 million rubles «Given the confidence of violators of environmental requirements into its own impunity, it is especially important timely detection and suppression of offences related to illegal destruction and damage of green plantings, and also the positive practice of judicial decisions on recovery of the persons guilty of illegal felling, damage caused», - noted the head of Department of environment and natural resources of administration of Vladivostok Alexander korshenko. It is worth noting that by decision of the courts in favor of the administration of Vladivostok collected caused by illegal felling of trees damage. So, for example, on the fact of cutting down of trees by manufacture of works on the device of networks of the water pipeline and Sewerage in the area Ul. Chita, 4 Arbitration court of the Primorsky territory obliged LLC «Stayer» pay Vladivostok caused damage amounting to more than 60 thousand rubles.

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 16:45      |      Категория:  eng news

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