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Yesterday, on the island of Russian solemnly

Yesterday, on the island of Russian solemnly Yesterday, on the island of Russian was solemnly opened a new school. The school, which has long been waiting for. - It is a special day, especially for children - said Mayor Igor Pushkarev on the ruler on the Day of Knowledge. - We are opening a new school with a stadium, sports halls, dining room, furnished rooms and a garage. It is symbolic that this school is located close to all the other new campus of the Far Eastern Federal University. I wish that your children are well-studied, got great knowledge to all of them were able to go to university, graduated, and then worked and transformed the Vladivostok. The city administration has given the school a new number 5 bus which will carry on the activities of students who live far from the school, as well as an interactive whiteboard. The school is designed for 120 people, but learn it only has 52 children. - Previously, when the island lived a military family, we had large classes, sometimes not even enough seats. We now have a 10 - ¬ and 11 - ¬ m classes for one person. So guys have to seriously prepare for the lessons - hope you do not ask, do not have to - smiling teacher of Russian language and literature Elena Kazakova. - But it's only the parents happy. And a new school all love - so light and comfortable. But in the middle and primary schools have more students: in the fifth to sixth - to 6 ¬ 7 children, and in the first grade this year has already reached 12 students. - I was invited to work in the new medical center, and we moved to the Russian island - said the mother of one of the students at the school Svetlana Olesik. - The son Ilya studies in fourth grade. In the village of Kirov, where we lived before, in the class had 28 students, and is only 8. This is a very good thing, because now my son will pay more attention and hopefully will give us more knowledge. The other residents of the island, Hope Nikolaevna, this year in the sixth grade went to the grandson, and the first class she brought her adopted daughter Angelina. - We have studied the whole family at the school - said Nadezhda - it finished my five children, is now studying grandson and an adopted daughter. Of course, the old school was a sweetheart, but the new school is already very good. And here's another Svetlana, also lives in the Russian, last year, Vick drove his daughter to school on the mainland. - Now that built a new building, we decided to transfer the child to the school. Especially since we live very close to it.

Karina Pozdniak, the newspaper "Vladivostok"

Опубликовано:   3-09-2013, 16:32      |      Категория:  eng news

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