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7 fires occurred in Primorsky Krai per night

7 times a day went by fire alarm calls across different regions of Primorye.

7 fires occurred in Primorsky Krai per night

7 fires occurred in Primorye

per day.

In Lukianivka about 7:00 am on August 14 burned Bridge through the Great Ussurka. Wooden flooring burned on an area of 4 square meters. meter. Two firefighters dealt with the fire in 20 minutes.

Porch of a private house burned in the seaside village of Yakonovka. Fire on an area of 25 square meters. meters were eliminated prior to the arrival of firefighters. In the village of Barabash burned 20 square meters. meters cuisine in a private home.

In Dalnerechensk in an apartment down the street M. Lichenka on the fourth floor of a burning garbage in the kitchen. The stairs were put six occupants. No one is hurt.

During Vladivostok Snow on caught fire due to short-circuit TV. Residents eliminated ignition means at hand before the arrival of firefighters.

The village was burning angular construction trailer, and in the village of cool-shed. No one was hurt - said VestiRegion.ru Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Primorsky Krai.

7 fires occurred in Primorsky Krai per night

Опубликовано:   16-08-2013, 17:30      |      Категория:  eng news

Vladivostok police powerless to stop the persecution of stray dogs
28-05-2013, 14:20, eng news
The townspeople to find the carcass of the dead in the street dogs, virtually to the police - on cases of destruction of individuals and schools of law enforcement officers generally know from the...
Full program of summer holiday to prepare students in the Vladivostok Administration
5-03-2013, 08:19, eng news
This summer, all students Vladivostok waiting a full program of rest and recuperation. On the organization of events allocated from the city budget......
Bailiffs in Primorye cooperate with the leadership of military units
27-06-2013, 16:16, eng news
In order to identify the debtors bailiffs Partyzansky work closely with the leadership of the military units. Collaboration has already produced tangible results. Debtors are looking for in the army...
Avenue of Heroes will open in Victory Park in Vladivostok
6-05-2013, 18:30, eng news
Tuesday, May 7 at Victory Park in the Youth House opened in Vladivostok Alley of Heroes. In Vladivostok, the Avenue of Heroes opens the same day, veterans and residents are invited to a feast, and a...
At the water line to the island of Russian Primorye allocate another 200 million
28-03-2013, 02:00, eng news
Water line will provide an uninterrupted supply of water in the apartment residents and the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University......
Road tunnel in the Khasan district of Primorye will help to save Amur leopards
16-05-2013, 16:30, eng news
Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Viktor Gorchakov visited construction of the tunnel, which is in the Khasan district in order to save Amur leopards. Road tunnel will help keep the leopard...
In the residential and academic buildings campus Far
28-08-2013, 22:03, eng news
In the residential and academic buildings campus of the Far Eastern Federal University on the island of Russian began working free Wi-Fi Internet - reported by the Rector of Palo Sergei Iwaniec...
Five thousand employees in PF women accept congratulations
7-03-2013, 11:07, eng news
According to statistics, in the same ranks with the soldiers of Pacific continue to serve and work for about five thousand women......
The author of
5-03-2013, 10:29, eng news
Program is one of the most famous Russian rock musicians, the author of "Horses" and "Superman," will be presented in Mumiy Troll Music Bar......
Urban Youth Forum, scheduled for May, will answer the question:
30-04-2013, 17:00, eng news
In May will be held in Vladivostok City Youth Forum, the theme of which says "Vladivostok. Cities that be."......

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