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Vladimir Miklushevsky met with the Consul of Germany

The Governor of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky Novosibirsk met with Consul General of Germany Naythart Hefer-Vissing.

Vladimir Miklushevsky met with the Consul of Germany

Primorye and Germany will cooperate further

Head of Maritime outlined plans for the future in Primorye, on the prospects of the region and the creation of modern infrastructure in the province. In an interview Vladimir Miklushevsky stressed that Russia has a program for the development of the Far East and Trans-Baikal and in connection with the Primorsky Territory will receive two times more than was spent on the preparation for the APEC summit - 1.4 trillion rubles.

This will bring the edge as much as possible investors for which will be set up favorable conditions. Reconstruction of transport corridors Primorje-1 and Primorje-2 create in ports East and Trinity bonded warehouses develop logistics industry.

In Primorye today in the Nadezhda and Michael regions formed a platform for the creation of industrial parks. This will bring for both Russian and foreign investors.
Our land is planning to work not only with the countries of Asia-Pacific, but also by European businessmen. Last year, Germany has invested more than anyone in the Primorsky region - nearly $ 400 million.

Mr. Naythart H"ofer-Wissing said that businessmen from Germany to actively cooperate with the central Russia and Siberia, however, the regions of the Far East today have all chances to attract investors from Europe.

"We want to invite you to the presentation of Primorsky Territory for German entrepreneurs in our embassy in Moscow", - added Naythart H"ofer-Wissing.
Vladimir Miklushevsky supported this idea and said he was ready to meet personally with the owners of the Federal Republic of Germany - VestiRegion.ru reported the press service of the Governor of the Primorsky Territory.

Vladimir Miklushevsky met with the Consul of Germany

Опубликовано:   17-05-2013, 13:30      |      Категория:  eng news

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