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Maritimes remember military veterans spetsorganov weekdays

Maritimes remember military veterans spetsorganov weekdays
Maritimes remember military veterans spetsorganov weekdays
Maritimes remember military veterans spetsorganov weekdays
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Today seaside veterans FSB - Boris Kudryavtsev, Ivan and George Korzyuk Malutin accept congratulations. Despite his advanced age, they are still in service. They have a wealth of experience, they have something to tell young. And for the gray-haired men, and for today's special forces - the war, and Victory Day is not just a calendar date. This is the story of the motherland, history of the region, a tribute to the feat, as it must be remembered always.

June 221941 Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union. The Great Patriotic War. At the front of the trains went with appliances and soldiers, who upon arrival immediately into battle. Primorets Osipenko knocked out 12 tanks, sniper Zaitsev in Stalingrad destroyed 242 fascists, nine brothers Mikheyevs destroyed 100 German tanks and 400 guns. In 1945 the deputy kraysoveta Berzarin became the first commandant of Berlin.

Prompted by patriotism, tensthousands of people have applied for sending to the front. Began raising funds for the construction technique for the front - by the number of funds raised Primorye took to the 4th place in the country. Those who remained worked under the slogan in the rear as on the front! Three out of every five employees of the NKVD - KGB, Primorye also have applied to the front. On the collected funds were sent tank column "Maritime Security officer" in many fighter squadrons appeared with a similar inscription on the board.

Terms of local government have been no less severe than the front-line - worked around the clock, literally to the limit. Stress contributed to the specifics of the border region.

Edge was the rear base of the reserves, the production of military goods, the place of transshipment of goods from the U.S. military under the Lend - Lease. It has the largest military - naval base, the merchant navy Maritime carried 70% of all maritime countries. Inthe capital of Primorye was a high concentration of sensitive sites.

Primorye is a border area, the entire land border which work alongside established in 1932 and is under the control of the government of Japan - the Empire Manchukuo Go. Japan, though not at war with Russia - is an ally of Germany. Already some 300 kilometers from Vladivostok located one and a half million of the Kwantung Army, on the heights near the village. Barabash were tools that coulddirect fire hit the seaside capital. Back in 1938 the famous spy Sorge reported that "In the first place to plan the start of hostilities elected district of Vladivostok. According to the third plan, after the destruction of the fleet by the naval and air bases in the Japanese Maritime begin the landing in the Maritime region." By this it was necessary to prepare.

Although the Soviet Union in April 1941 and had a neutrality pact, but the certainty that Japan will abide by its terms and conditions at the edgewas not, and from the first day, there began intensive preparations for war. Strengthened sea fortress, the forces of the NKVD-KGB, on the old bases in the forest, known more for the days of Sergei Lazo began Equipment secret guerrilla bases. Again been claimed experience of guerrilla warfare against the Japanese 1918-22 period. Were set up special guerrilla fighter. At the same time, using this experience in the management of the Primorsky NKVD began preparing special instructors whowere transferred to the European part of Russia, and from there to the occupied areas, where they began to organize guerrilla resistance on the ground. Seaside security officer Alexander Shikhov led partisans in Belarus special forces to "repair" the chief slave personally 4 - of the NKVD of the USSR State Security Major General Paul Anatol'evichu Sudoplatov. This group was part of the famous separate motorized rifle brigade of special purpose (OMSBON) formed of security officers and athletesMoscow, under the leadership of the Far V.V.Gridneva security officer. OMSBON participated in the parade on Red Square, 7 - th November 1941 and from here went to the front. Partisans "repair" made a lot of sabotage - the intelligence of shares derailed enemy trains with dozens of Wehrmacht soldiers and military equipment, supplied the leadership of reliable and timely information on the regrouping of Nazi troops and other events. Alexander Nikititch Shikhov was awarded the highestHero of the Soviet Union.

The headquarters of the partisan movement in Ukraine led Primorets, a native plant Grodekovo, a former detective Spassky pogrankomendatury op Grodekovskogo frontier Timothy Amvrosievich Strokach. His family still live in the Primorsky Territory, including in Vladivostok. It is subordinate to him during the war, the famous guerrilla commanders in Ukraine: Kovpaka Fedorov, Vershigora Prudnikov, and many others. Commissioner partisanConnection Kovpaka S.V.Rudnevu Hero of the Soviet Union, serving until the war on Voroshilov battery Island Russian Pacific Fleet, he personally delivered a lot of awards.

Employee Management Maritime Nikolai Vasilev for guerrilla fighting received a letter signed by JV Stalin: "Participation in partisan" also awarded the Order of the Red Star and Honor, medals "Partisan of the Patriotic War," "For Victory over Germany , "" ForVictory over Japan "," For the liberation of Korea. "In the partisan fighting V.A.Aleksandrov, and his colleague BA peas were a squad leader of another guerrilla group. in Khmelnytsky forests and forests of Bryansk fought guerrilla army radio operator named F.E . Dzerzhinsky M.S.Komarov, after the war, employee UMGB - KGB in the Primorye Territory.

Such geography of many soldiers Maritime Management. Maritime security officers were on all fronts, protect all of the city,fought in all military branches, and took all the European capitals and all fought with dignity. Order of Glory 3rd degree - mostly soldiers Knights, awarded to: ZA Astakhov, MD Borisov, Zubkov GE, Ivin NY, Krestelev NI Leshenko NM, Maslyaev AV Politko MV, Sachs GM, Slepzov VA Subbotin, A., N. Yakovlev Cong Tsunhay Stepan apart awarded the Order of Glory 4 - two orders of the Red Star. Shadrin VA awarded the Order of Glory 1st and 2nd degree, and D.N.Bondarenko - Commander of the OrderAll three degrees, besides also awarded the medal "For Courage", "For Military Merit", "For Victory over Germany" and "Victory over Japan", presented to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

The war for the Colonel Boris Kudryavtsev began on June 22 in 3 hours 15 minutes, when Nazi planes bombed Sevastopol, where he was a college freshman college shipbuilding. Prior to the bombing of Kiev and the attack on the Brest fortress was still 45Peaceful minutes. Even after the first bomb explosions and anti-aircraft artillery fire response city Russian sailors did not understand that the war began. Citizens have decided that this is another teaching of the Black Sea Fleet, which were anchored in the North Bay.

Boris called to the front in December 1941. But he was not able to make war, was sent to study at the Leningrad Military Engineering School, where assigned to the Leningrad front. Next Stalingrad Front, which formed the secondpontoon bridge brigade under the command of General Sergei lace. Her job was to ensure the crossing of military units across water obstacles. During the war, the team that became the Red Banner, awarded the Order of Suvorov, Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitsky, eight times observed in the orders of the Supreme Commander of Stalin.

- We arrived at Stalingrad, five young lieutenants, and five buried on arrival. Not even buried, they arenothing is left, a shell hit the middle of the raft while crossing the Volga. And to Vienna, where I met the end of the war, only three have survived - says the veteran.

When crossing the Danube River, the Red Army came upon the desperate resistance of the Germans - Hitler ordered, Vienna did not give up! In order not to get hit by enemy artillery fire, it was decided to throw one tank corps around Vienna. But secretly circumvent the capital of Austria-Hungary did not work - the Nazisbombed the pontoons. One of the bombs hit the pontoon, which crossed Konstantinov. Went under the water tank "T-34" along with the crew, the car with shells and a few soldiers.

Lieutenant saved weeping willow. Its branches bent low to the water, grabbed them Kudryavtsev miraculously - from cold fingers did not obey. For his he got when it was already dark. Colleagues considered him dead. The mother received a death notice, and after we received a letter from his son. My father did not believe the letterand went to the military deal. Commissar, in turn, sent a request to the military unit where it came from an affirmative answer: Lieutenant Boris Kudryavtsev is alive and well!

Boris Kudryavtsev, who was awarded four medals, including the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, and 26 medals, all of my free time was spent reading. He has a decent library of fiction and nonfiction. A lot of books from the series "War Memoirs". And for good reason. Veteran's concernthe fate of the Soviet military leaders who fought against the Nazis in the first days and months of the Great Patriotic War. According to Boris Pavlovich, many of them act unfairly downgraded, and the names and some do have sunk into oblivion.

Georgy Malyutina War found in the suburbs. Along with his classmates, he graduated from a 9th grade. The attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union undermined not only the peace plans, but millions of people's lives.

George Malutin, today a retired colonel, during the years of the Great Patriotic War was a member of many of the most difficult battles, including the Battle of Kursk in the ranks of the 11th Guards Army. For Military Merit was awarded the medal "For Courage", the Order of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic War I, and other awards. May 91945 in K"onigsberg met.

- Its application to call on us, we left the army in military registration table and 4 months later we received a letter from the I Moscow machine-gun school. So we were sent to study in Ryazan, where the school was evacuated. The conditions were, of course, heavy, as elsewhere. They fed us soup of lentils, and had to drag myself to the machine gun "Maxim", which later I went through the war - says the veteran.

- July 8-9 us, students, thrown into battle for the first time. By 4:00 the front line were on the train, then the first time we were given military rations - PSHENKO in blocks, which we ate at once in the car. Terrible bombing was, however, our formulation does not hurt. At the destination station we were met by the commander, all black with soot. It was immediately clear that a fierce battle. In the forest, we took an oath, and guards were introduced in the first lin Defense 250 Guards Rifle Regiment, 83 Guards Division 11 Guards Army. Prior to the advanced trenches we were crawling on their bellies, pulling on itself and weapons. Before the battle, we read out the orders of Stalin "Not one step back." But we have not even thought of this was, on the contrary, was a rage against the enemy. A terrible situation, pandemonium. Earth is burning, literally crying, raging around the field with wheat, none remaining at home, just the pipe sticking out. Endlessly falling aircraft and ours, and German, exploding tanks. On the day we reflect up to 12 attacks. Dead soldiers sometimes do not have time to take away from the battlefield, this battle was. There, many have found their final resting place. July 121943 was the worst day of the battle, the Germans broke through the defense. The tanks were behind us, and we cut the infantry. Tanks without infantry proved difficult, this fact we immediately clarified and began throwing them with Molotov cocktails. So many of my friends were killed in those days. Introducing me to the medal "For Courage" after the battle there was no one, the commander was killed, so the award was later. And the award received for participating in "Operation Bagration" Free Belarus. With his fellow soldiers throughout the war, up to the East Prussia and this Bryansk and Western Fronts, the First and Third Pribaltiskie fronts, First Belorussian Front. Enemy must be destroyed and we will deal with it - continues the story veteran.

Share Your Memories and retired Colonel Ivan Korzyuk. On the uniform of Ivan three award "Red Star."

Ivan G. in October 1940 was drafted into the Red Army, and in 1943 was admitted to the military intelligence agencies. After graduating military intelligence was sent to the South-Western Front, and then - First Ukrainian. From March to October 44th detained two Nazi agents, and identified two more of the defectors front. In 1944-54 he served in Poland, teaching young Polish counterintelligence officers, identifying and detaining agents in different countries. For 10 years, personally detained five agents participated in the KGB important events.

There were many cases of interest in his work. Often had to risk life. Detain enemy agents - is a dangerous business. For example, one case tells Ivan G Bartoshuk, an agent of the Polish pre-war intelligence in 1939-40 to undermine the objects of the railway on the territory of Belarus. Asked for information about him from Moscow - and we have confirmed that in the last frontier station Negoreloye because of undermining the railroad train crashed. There have been a victim. I was given a task: to track down the agent, come what may. I looked in the files of the Office of Personnel of the Ministry of Defence of Poland, Poland's military intelligence archives and found that Bartoshuk was the deputy commander for the supply of a military unit. I was ordered to capture it so that no one knew about the operation. And I complied. For a long time it was tracking. He went to work with a huge dog. We waited for him to go without a dog. And waited with a group of capture, he was detained. And there was a special plane: Berlin-Danzig-Minsk-Moscow. When I brought it back to the plane, there was already waiting operative worker. Agent as seen in Danzig Soviet soldier was so scared and sat down on the steps, "I'll tell you everything, but do not send me to the Lubyanka". But we still sent there.

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