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This year, her favorite child graduated from high school.

This year, her favorite child graduated from high school. This year, her favorite child graduated from high school. Has passed the exam - well, by the way, deposited by 80-85 points for the exam. And the child went with her mother to apply. In the two universities. In one country, these institutions are located. In one city. And did you go In the first high school on the input they were given a very long thumb: go there, go here, sign there, then fill over there to sit in the queue. That's all. Walk, walk on the case, to knock about in search of the right door. At one point the applicant filled out an application for admission to the computer, and then moved to another room to write the same thing on a piece of paper. Protorchali familiar with the child in this high school for nearly three hours. Neither the water cooler or air-conditioning, toilets, sorry, those Naman search. In the second high school child suffered documents itself - a familiar rest up after the stuffiness of the first high school in her pressure jumped. Son, returned an hour later, happy and amazed: at the entrance greeted volunteers took helped showed all in one room with air conditioning and a minimum of paperwork. Have become familiar and her child to keep track of how things are rated to find out whether the fall in the fiscal position. In the first high school they immediately said that the ratings are not freely available to the public that here will have you own room, and there, use the password "that will be given in a certain office," you can see the ratings. The appearance of these ratings had to wait two weeks - until entering the password, you can only read the advertisements of high school. There are ratings - familiar with a child precipitated. A child with almost 290 points was perhaps the hundredths place in the ranking for the chosen specialty. Ahead there were some graduates with unpronounceable names of Buryatia and Yakutia. And all for 300 points! "Something I have not heard this year in the republics of the USE was rampant on 100 points" - marveled friend. The second institution publishes rankings in the public domain. My son, standing there in second place - at the selected department. All clear, all clear. Everything is transparent. And now, as they say in one popular program, note the question: to what in terms of admission to the university more inclined child? In addition, where it from the first minute and show a disregard make it clear that such interested persons here car and another truck, or to where the friendly, polite and otherwise show how good and comfortable to be in high school to learn? I think you know the answer. And do not talk about the quality of education. Quality can not coexist with strange machinations with disdain and arrogance. But cheap show-off - can easily. As it is written in the novels, all with any real universities of Primorye and Far Eastern Federal District, if you get noticed, random (and here we put a winking smiley face).

Lidia Ivanova, the newspaper "Vladivostok"

Опубликовано:   31-07-2013, 13:47      |      Категория:  eng news

In Primorye, telephone terrorist detained
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At the police station attendant console Spassk - Far in Primorye got a call. Arbuzov man introduced himself and said that far from the flower shop in the "China market" bomb threat - a box with...
Yesterday in Vladivostok in the park twin cities of Vladivostok
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Yesterday in Vladivostok in the park twin cities of Vladivostok held a commemorative meeting devoted to the end of World War II in the Pacific. Conducting the program was close to a memorable sign of...
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Starting next Saturday, March 30 in Vladivostok begins the movement of buses on routes dacha. Route number 105/1 "Square Semenovskaya-10-km": March 30 and 31 sent from pl. Semyonov: at...
Palo sports complex on the island of Russian is willing to accept
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Boris Moiseev with his show
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Performances will complement the main star solo performances "Premier Ballet"......
A resident of Vladivostok took away 76-year-old 29000
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rubles. The suspect in the robbery was arrested by the police in Vladivostok and taken to Dalnerechensky inter-municipal department......
Block the center of Vladivostok in connection with the mass action
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Vladivostok traffic police said that on the occasion of May 18 this year, athletic race "Green Marathon" in the city center will be limited to traffic and parking. Stir in the center of Vladivostok...
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Долгосрочное сотрудничество в области науки, логистики, экономики, образования, экологии и обсудят на 3-м дальневосточном российско-корейском Форуме......
Memory Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich immortalized in Vladivostok
30-05-2013, 13:40, eng news
In a festive atmosphere with the consecration of the building at the railway station will be a memorial plaque in honor of the Crown Prince of stay in the east of Russia......

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