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In Vladivostok, the concerts will be held in memory of the Great Victory

In Vladivostok, the concerts will be held in memory of the Great Victory

In honor of Victory Day in Vladivostok cultural institutions have prepared a thematic program.

May 9 at 18:00 in the great hall of the Maritime Regional Philharmonic concert sounds great "Victory Day". Plays the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, conductor Dmitry Butenko.

Program: E. Petersburg "Blue Scarf" Novikov "Darkie" Pahmutowa "Do you know what a guy he was," "Old Maple", M. Nozhkin "The Last Battle", K. Molchanov, "Wait for Me" , D. Tukhmanov "Victory Day".

Soloists - Honored Artist of Russia Igor Volkov (baritone), winner of the international competition Sergei Pleshivtsev (bass), Elena Brykina (soprano), Elena Morozova (mezzo-soprano), Victoria Schegoleva (pop vocal).

May 9 at 16:00 in the Primorsky Krai Youth Theater gala concert dedicated to the Day of Victory. The concert, entitled "Memory of Victory" will feature songs from World War II, as well as songs written about the war and later the Soviet army, such as "Evening on the roads," "Two of Maxim," "Goodbye rocky mountains", "Darkie" "We needed a win," "Mahna not looking," "Last Fight", "The Cossacks," "Road to Berlin", "Return", "For that guy", "May Waltz" and others.

Artists - Pop group members "Vladivostok".

May 11 at 15:00 at the Officer's Pacific Fleet Concert "With the war finished we abacus ", dedicated to the work of Bulat Okudzhava. The concert will feature the People's Artist of Russia Alexander Stolyarov, Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Seagull vocal group Drama Theatre Navy "Mirror of the river," Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Baskakov.

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