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In the Savings Bank held a general meeting ROSSWIFT

In the Savings Bank held a general meeting ROSSWIFT Photo: Savings

At the head office of the Savings Bank of the Russian general meeting of the National Association of SWIFT (ROSSWIFT) - an organization uniting the Russian shareholders of SWIFT.

The Chairman of the Committee ROSSWIFT, senior vice president of the Savings Bank of Russia Olga Kanovitch told about the results of ROSSWIFT in 2012. Currently, SWIFT is 598 Russian organizations. The number of users SWIFT Russia ranks second in the world, second only to the United States. Growth of the Russian SWIFT message traffic in 2012 amounted to 21.5%, which is almost 6 times ahead of the rate of increase of total traffic SWIFT (36%). At present, Russia is the 17th largest in the world rating of SWIFT.

"As the pace of traffic growth in 2012 Russia ranked first among the 20 largest countries in the world. ROSSWIFT activity contributes to the quality and efficiency of SWIFT Russian shareholders and lays the foundation for the further promotion of the country's interests in the international financial market," - Said Olga Kanovitch.

First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Vladislav Kontorovich, made a presentation on "The development strategy of the national payment system," Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Financial Markets of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, President of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia Anatoly Aksakov - a report on "Improving the legislation national payment system. "

After the meeting the executive director ROSSWIFT Dmitry was handed over to the Museum of Russian Sberbank channel encoder STEN - special cryptographic device that was used to send the first message of the Savings Bank by SWIFT network in March 1993.

In the meeting was attended by over 350 representatives of Russian banks, financial institutions and corporations - the shareholders and users of SWIFT. 172 organizations have sent their proxy voting.

The largest shareholder of SWIFT in Russia and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is a Savings Bank, among the top hundred largest SWIFT users in the world.

Опубликовано:   26-04-2013, 15:30      |      Категория:  eng news

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