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List of participants in the primaries in Vladivostok fell to six

List of participants in the primaries in Vladivostok fell to six

The organizing committee prior intra-party vote the party "United Russia" has officially adopted a statement Christina Yatsenko withdrawing its candidacy.

Recall, chairman of the party's supporters Yatsenko Christina decided to recuse himself to pursue the implementation of the project "National examination". The project, in fact, is an informal vote for a single candidate from the "United Russia". Its results will be taken into consideration in the final of the regional party conference, where United Russia will determine the winner of inner race. The project participants will have the opportunity not only to ask their questions to the candidates for the nomination, but will participate in the collection of signatures in favor of the program or that candidate. Over the last two days, international experts have expressed their desire to be more than 100 residents of Vladivostok. According to Cristina Yatsenko, the main objective of the project - to choose a candidate who will represent the interests and sentiments of the majority vladivostoktsev.

- In view of the involvement of sufficiently strong candidates expected keen interest in the primaries, - Said Christina Yatsenko. - At the same time on the sites will be impossible to take into account the opinions of thousands or more. Therefore, as an alternative has been proposed for a new Primorye project that will not offend anyone.

The approved list of voting members of inner-left 6 people. Note that the leader of the popular support for the nomination remains Igor Pushkarev, supported by those of more than 80 community organizations Primorye.

Recall the inner-vote "United Russia" in the selection of the candidate for the post of Vladivostok will be held in May on the campus of Palo on the island of Russian. For five days, the candidates will present their programs electors and residents of the city - the participants of the project "National examination". Winners will be determined by the sum of votes for all the days.

Опубликовано:   26-04-2013, 13:30      |      Категория:  eng news

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The result of the prosecutor's investigation: in Primorye thriving violence against children
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For the first 6 months of this year, total passenger traffic increased by 14%......
Carrier and
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The project provides for the increase of the authorized capital VPOPAT-1 to 26.9 million and an increase in the authorized capital Spetszavod № 1 at 19.5 million......
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Dismantling the rails on Svetlanskaya begin the night of 26 to 27 April
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