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Spring in Vladivostok - the peak season for the telephone "terrorists"

Spring in Vladivostok - the peak season for the telephone \"terrorists\"

Recently, in the capital of Primorye cases of telephone "terrorism." Only in the last two months in our city have been a few cases where the services of law and order had to respond to the false reports.

For example, today in the first hour of the morning to the duty of the city AMIA received a call in which a man claimed that is about to explode Vladivostok Commercial Port. However, the voice of the caller's duty is not difficult to guess that the complainant was drunk.

After verifying the identity became known prankster - it went to the outfit. During questioning, the man showed that on Monday found near the port thermos with protruding wires. They tore out the suspect then threw a "dangerous object" in the sea. However, after a certain amount of vodka around noon the next day, "a concerned citizen" has decided to declare the find to the police. We have solved the issue of a criminal investigation into the false report.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Vladivostok, spring - the season for these "terrorists":

- It so turns out that some of the events have a serial. For example: go "zaminirovanii" - one day, two, three, and then it is cut off, and there comes a time to children fugitives. As for this "terrorism", people forget about the criminal responsibility of applicants for an innocent joke. Memorable occasion when the student reported a bomb in his school. Mom long we argued that it is a simple joke that nothing bad will happen. However, the court's decision did not affect: a large fine - the softest, which could threaten the jokers.

The police said that the recent vladivostoktsy often report an abandoned or neglected by someone bags, trunks and suitcases - is commendable that people take such an initiative. Fortunately, vigilant citizens still did not have a high-profile consequences of all things abandoned after sapper test proved quite safe.

Опубликовано:   23-04-2013, 20:10      |      Категория:  eng news

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