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Spring 2013th Vladivostok popular among fashionistas "Asian" motifs - designer

Spring 2013th Vladivostok popular among fashionistas \"Asian\" motifs - designer Photo: m-oda.ru

The long-awaited spring finally came. This means that it is time to update your fashionistas wardrobe. What will be fashionable this season? - This agency Primore24 told young fashion designer from Vladivostok Alexander.

" To be not only the most fashionable, but also to the individual, not only worth listening to the words of fashion designers, but also to try the proposed images for yourself, a loved one - suggests designer. - Fortunately, a variety of fashion trends provides a wide choice."

One of the most fashionable and fresh - the image in black and white. Classic white blouse and black pencil skirt are perfect for the office, and if you add a couple of bright accessories, then you can go for a romantic walk. If you replace a skirt or shorts in the classic business style, the image will be trendy. Incidentally, the shorts selected this spring, many fashion houses.

Bright and unusual prints, lace and floral collage - another trend of the season. But adding them to your wardrobe should not forget that they should be used carefully, carefully, choosing what is right for you. Otherwise perfect, it would seem, the image can be truly awful.

Along with the black-and-white at its peak is a white and red. Designers are advised to pay attention to the rich and vibrant colors - coupled with strict geometric shapes such an image would look like spring is fresh and bright.

Especially popular in the recent "Asian" style: kimono jackets, wide silk pants, voluminous blouse with a small floral print and graphic quality dresses in the style of origami.

In addition to the "Asian" motifs in fashion style of "boho": fringe, hats, ruffles, natural materials to help you create your image.

Follow the advice and stay in trend! The main thing - do not forget that all must comply with the measure, not to be a fashion victim.

Опубликовано:   10-04-2013, 18:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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