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Russian - water, Vladivostok - hotel lavs deputies approved completion of objects of the APEC summit

Russian - water, Vladivostok - hotel lavs deputies approved completion of objects of the APEC summit

The central question of the March meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory, according to tradition, was the adjustment of the current budget year. The budget is adjusted upward, and from both additional revenues from Moscow and raising their own revenue base. Yet the debate for Governor Billprovoked heated debate. The subject of discussion was the issue of completion of hotels in Cape Bourne and Ship quay.

Hotel Summit

Both hotels are protracted APEC summit and built by JSC "Our House - Primorye" (100% of shares - state-owned Maritime Territory) with the participation of the regional budget. To pass the summit of hotels do not have time for their completion of the regional budget had to allocate additional funds. NowAdministration proposed budget directly allocate no more, but to budget for state guarantees for the title of easily able to obtain a bank loan and bring the hotel to mind.

MP Artyom Samsonov asked to vote on the hotel separately. Communist backed United Russia, Peter Savchuk. First Vice-Governor Alexander Kostenko patiently explained the position of the executive power: state guarantee of one billion rubles - this is notcash infusion, but only "paper document to get a loan," although, of course, theoretically, if the "Our Home - Primorye" loan does not return, there may be a situation where this money will have to allocate the budget and give the lender. But it is expected that the hotels will be successfully completed, at least one of them - was sold, and the money will go not only to repay the loan, but also on social spending, entered in the budget of Primorsky Krai. When asked about the risks Kostenko said:"The risks are always there, so the bank and requested guarantees."

To the deputies acted CEO "Our House - Primorye" Igor Vatulin. He assured members: selling one hotel will fully cover the credit obligations to the bank, and return previously taken from the regional budget money back. According Vatulin, one hotel can be sold for a sum of about 220 million euros. The rising cost of construction, he explained that the project did not meet the firstparameters of five-star hotels, which is why it had to be finished.

Deputies opinions were divided. Deputy Speaker of AP Dzhambulat Tekiev called for guarantees: if the hotel is not finished, previously spent public money wasted. "Then it turns out that we are not a billion and nine billion from the budget throw away. Should be allowed to finish the hotel business entity "- said Tekiev. As a result, adjustments to the budget vote and in the hotel itself, butBoth issues were resolved positively, although with different levels of support.

Budget increases for all parameters

Except for hotels, for budgetary adjustments specific questions from the deputies were not (and if they were, they somehow allowed before the meeting). Regional budget revenues grew by more than 262 billion rubles. Most of these funds - federal tranches. The money will go primarily to address social problemsmodernization of health and education (surcharges to pensions,

salaries of teachers and health workers, purchase of medicines, etc.). As Alexander Kostenko, the federal budget allocated Primorye about 2.2 billion, the remaining 400 million - own revenues Primorye from income tax.

Budget expenditures grow, according to the chairman of the budget committee of AP Calouste Ahoyan, about 5 billion rubles. Means,particular, it will address the needs of the Territorial Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund (TFOMS), housing orphans, construction of water pipeline to Russian, unit 20 medical stations, the development of the "Safe City", etc. After updating the regional budget revenues in 2013 totaled 6705 billion rubles, expenses - 79.2 billion deficit - 12.1 billion rubles. Assessing the budget adjustment as "optimistic", Viktor Gorchakov added: "He grew up deficitbut we have not crossed the limits established by law, is operating normally. "

At the March meeting of the Legislative Assembly deputies amended the program "Development of Vladivostok as a center for international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, "according to which for the water pipeline from the field of drinking water" Pushkinskaya depression "to be allocated from the Russian regional budget 200 million rubles. The federal budget for the same purpose will be spent for about1.5 billion. "The construction has already been spent a lot of money, they have to give a real return," - said the deputy Sergei Kondrashov. Water line will provide an uninterrupted supply of water in the apartment residents of the island, and in Palo campus, as well as in the objects that will be on the island in the future.

All of the children - their

A number of bills adopted refers to the "social" issues. So, now the coastal families with two children and adopted a third child, the parent will receive a regional capital on a par with their families with their own three children. The relevant amendments made to the regional law "On social support for persons entitled to ". As explained by the deputy chairman of AP for social policy and protection of human rights Pavel Serebryakov, "initially-in-law looked through some kind of injustice, but now for the third and subsequent children, no matter - born or adopted, residents of Primorye regional family will be allocated from the regional capital budget." At the birth or adoption of a third and subsequent children seaside family in 2013 will receive 100 thousand rubles, in 2014 - 125000 and in 2015 - 150.

MPs approved the initiative of colleagues from the Duma of the Murmansk region in the State Duma on making amendments to the federal law of "Rosatom". The fact is that there is still people awarded departmental sign veteran of "Rosatom", the authorities refuse to award the title "Hero of Labour", which gives the right to a number of benefits. To correct an injustice, a bill which has to approve the State Duma. "In Primorye this important proposal, because we have the relevant enterprises in Bolshoi Kamen and Fokine," - said the deputy Viktor Nikolayev (referring, in particular, the Far Eastern Center for Radioactive Waste "DalRAO").

Probably in April deputies will continue to work on the "veterans" of the bill and introduce the title of "Hero of Labor of Primorsky Krai" (corresponding initiative recently expressed Miklushevsky governor) for the Primorye residents who have a service to the community, but some reasons have not received the title of "federal" war veteran.

Approved interesting law "On the support of socially-oriented non-profit organizations in the Primorye Territory." For support from the regional budget can count those organizations that are engaged in the prevention of child abandonment, support for mothers and children and improve the quality of life of older people, social adaptation of persons with disabilities, the strengthening of inter-ethnic relations, prevention of extremism, the development of civil society, civic and patriotic education, local history, and volunteer fire brigades. "It's like putting things in order in different councils, foundations and civil society organizations so that they know the rules of their support, and liability in case of misuse of the funds allocated for this purpose," - said the deputy Serebryakov.

Deputies become clearer

March 27 MPs AP also adopted amendments to the Charter of the Primorsky Territory, under which MPs now seaside, except for information on their income, will be required to provide more information and their expenditures, and it does not matter in a professional manner working member or not (that is, receives Whether wages in AP or anywhere else). Must also include information on the costs of spouse (wife) deputy and minor children. The same rules now apply to the governor of Primorye. "To report their income to all MPs regardless of the basis on which they work, as Member of the Legislative Assembly - is a government job that requires a certain transparency to the voters and anti-corruption bodies," - said the Chairman of the Committee on Rules and Legislative Assembly deputies Ethics Mezhonov Constantine.

Gave a presentation on the activities of the regional parliament in 2012 the chairman of the AP Victor Gorchakov said that the main focus of a legislative framework had to develop the economy of Primorye and comfortable stay in the Territory. "In departing from the political struggles and ideological differences, deputies tried to ensure quality execution of its primary mission - lawmaking in the development of Primorsky Territory" - praised the work of colleagues Victor Gorchakov.

Kuzmichev Yegor, " New newspaper in Vladivostok "

Опубликовано:   6-04-2013, 11:41      |      Категория:  eng news

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