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Vladivostok "Kinokurs" met with the first applicants

Vladivostok \"Kinokurs\" met with the first applicants

April 5 completed accepting applications in the project "Kinokurs" of young people from Artem and Vladivostok. Now the main selector first film school in the Far East, a film critic Yuri Stroikov (pictured - right) begins a full-time meetings with potential students.

"In applications the main criteria for selection were an essay on" What would the world be without movies ", a cover letter and a brief biography." Based on these points, we evaluated the guys on 10balnoy scale. Among the participants was already defined list of leaders - about 40 people. In the near future we will meet with them to meet in person, find out what they want from the project and ready to serious work within it. As a result of these meetings, and will be decided who will be among the 20 students of film schools. "

" Number of applications - they are the authors of more than 100 people only in Vladivostok - shows that social request to film school in the region have. Now we have to justify the credibility of, first, on of guys who believe in us, and secondly, we have to show federal authorities that it should form filmmaking film school in the country, not fat cats with bloated budgets and frankly weak paintings . Not to be unfounded about credibility, is such an example: the International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian" is also held kinoobrazovatelny project "Audition", but the organizers have never collected more than 50 applications. But they accept applications from all over the Far East "

First meeting of young people who applied, with Yuri Stroykovym held today in the Design Factory" Dawn ", where will film school. Names with will be announced a few days before the launch of film school. exact date has not been announced, but the organizers are going to launch it in the second half of April.

Опубликовано:   5-04-2013, 09:30      |      Категория:  eng news

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