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New features Sberbank SHC @ dh

New features Sberbank SHC @ dh Photo: Savings

Far Sberbank sold to its customers in the "Savings SHC @ dh" (SBOL) access to statements by individual personal account in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. The service is possible after registration of the client in the system of information exchange with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the contract UDBO. Sign up for an information exchange with the RPF can be achieved by submitting an application in any of the WWW, you should have your passport and insurance number of the individual account (SNILS).

Get a statement of personal account in "Savings Online" can be any of the following methods:

# On the home page in the Pension Fund-click Operations, and then link to get a statement,

# At the main menu, go to the section Other, then click on the item Services FIU, and then on the Pension Fund to click on the Get statement.

Next on a request to the Pension Fund to click on the Send button, then confirm.

View an excerpt on main page in the block Pension Fund, for this you need to click on the query to get statements, statement or View to go to History of operations, click the query to get discharged and then press - See excerpt.

Extract from the personal account of the forms online on-line.

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Collision of three vehicles occurred on September 3 evening
6-09-2013, 18:33, eng news
Collision of three vehicles occurred on September 3 evening in Vladivostok. In the district of Akademgorodok on the highway Khabarovsk - Vladivostok driver of the car "Lexus" does not stand a safe...
Landfill arranged on the Chinese in the Primorsky Territory
29-03-2013, 11:11, eng news
In Ussuriysk city district, near the village of Korsakovka Rosselkhoznadzor specialists found on the landfill, which rented the Chinese. Annual salary of physicians will increase na20% Zhao Lijun...
Cashing a fraudulent scheme of the parent capital found in Primorye
13-05-2013, 13:40, eng news
The scheme operated in the area and guerrilla Ussurijsk......
In China, a day number of cases of influenza H7N9 has increased to 87 people
19-04-2013, 19:00, eng news
First of infection with the avian flu in China, announced in late March. It is still not found a single case of transmission of the disease from person to person......
September 21 by the UN celebrated annually on International
20-09-2013, 14:45, eng news
21 September each year at the initiative of the UN International Day of Peace (International Day of Peace) - Day of Non-violence and ceasefire throughout the world. The followers of the yoga...
2 monthly rainfall has fallen since the beginning of July in Vladivostok
24-07-2013, 21:45, eng news
Over the past 13 years in July in Vladivostok - one of the rainiest - from the beginning of the month following information Primgidrometa fell for two monthly rainfall. 3 cyclone struck for 10 days...
Territory Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky participated
17-08-2013, 17:30, eng news
Territory Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky took part in the "round table" on "traditional territories of indigenous peoples of the Primorsky Territory: Prospects for Development". It was held in the...
Traffic Police has a new system avtoucheta
19-03-2013, 01:59, eng news
The main innovation in the draft regulations is that prior to the sale of the vehicle will not have to remove it from the register......
Immediately after 38 complaints nedonachislennuyu wages
22-07-2013, 19:30, eng news
Immediately after 38 complaints nedonachislennuyu salaries of employees of the Kirov central hospital were examined in the Kirov district court for one day - July 192013. How did you learn to RIA...
In Vladivostok, the driver of the jeep crashed into a billboard
23-05-2013, 10:20, eng news
Over the past day in the Maritime region recorded 64 accidents in which 6 people were affected. (PHOTOS)......

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