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Far Sberbank arms collectors plastic "safe"

Far Sberbank arms collectors plastic \"safe\" Photo: Savings

In the Far East Bank OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" in the process of transition to safe packets at the collector service. Traditionally cash transported in sealed bags. Now they are fading. Today, thousands of companies, businesses, from big business to the private entrepreneurs are already using modern safe packages.

Safe package (plastic-safe) is used to protect documents and valuables from unauthorized access in transit and storage. Made from a special three-layer opaque durable material, which makes the content visible. Each safe package has an individual number. The neck is glued package security-tape with a special adhesive. When trying to open, and when you try opening the package or by freezing temperatures (-50 o C and above 60 o C) on the surface of security-tape shows the word "tampering." These give a guarantee of protection from the influence of the human factor.

"When using the safe packet, customers do not need to seal the bag as before, using twine, fillings, cream, - says Vadim Wieser, director of the Far Eastern collection of Sberbank. - Significantly simplify and speed up the process of putting cashiers and receive cash collectors."

Note to collectors today Far Savings Bank of Russia in 1830 served companies and organizations, and also 5877 specialized points.

Опубликовано:   4-04-2013, 07:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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