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Charity - the lot of strong: Doctor Andrew is trying to create cash in Vladivostok, a hospice for cancer patients, the authorities do not hear it until

Charity - the lot of strong: Doctor Andrew is trying to create cash in Vladivostok, a hospice for cancer patients, the authorities do not hear it until

The pain of dying on the last stage of the cancer is hidden away behind the walls of hospital rooms and apartments. Only sometimes we hear that the son killed his mother, to save her from suffering, or exhausted patient shot a doctor and then killed himself. Heroin relatives painfully dying people get simpler than a strong painkiller. Get a prescription for morphine and similardrugs is almost impossible, even with a prescription to get them just anywhere.
For storage of these drugs in a pharmacy or hospital to be safe and guard, but the institutions are not going to such costs. "Even throughout the Primorsky Regional Oncology Center such pain is only in the intensive care unit. Therefore, in the Oncology Center of palliative care is no question - severe cases there just try not to take it. Not conducted and working with dying people at home, "- saysCandidate of Medical Sciences, pain therapy and palliative care, the anesthesiologist-resuscitator Andrei cash.

He - the only one in the province of a specialist palliative care. Only he can not help squirming from the constant unbearable pain for cancer patients who are close to death. Once he explains the family, how to support a loved one. "Palliative care does not prolong life, but it makes it more comfortable. Our quality of life isabout 100%: we can eat, drink, walk, read, go to movies and concerts. When a person is confined to bed, he is constantly sick or concerned about pain, quality of life is 1-5%. That's what I do, can increase the quality of life for up to 102050%, and can eliminate all of the symptoms, then the person will lie, read or watch TV, "- says the doctor.

Why in the department of pain therapy and palliative care is only one regional oncologic dispensaryemployee? None of the doctors just do not want to work in these offices. According to the oncologist, palliative care physician will work at one rate - 8-10 thousand rubles. To fulfill it, we must take 20 patients a day. 20 terminally ill people experiencing terrible suffering from the pain that will call you and come to the end of his days.

And this man, doctor Andrei cash, which is now one bears the burden of pain and suffering of thousands of patientsneed help. For ten years, he tries to create in Primorye hospice - a place where terminally ill people can remember what life without the constant unbearable pain, where they receive care, attention will feel, will find understanding and love. Relatives of people from professional psychologists learn how to live in a terrible situation, and be able to at least somehow reassure their loved ones and relax yourself. Hospice will place such as AndrewA., will be a few dozen. There will be a staff of nurses, psychologists, and volunteers will be sent to all the concerned people - to help, to care, to care.

Developed system of hospices in Europe, have them in Moscow and Moscow region. In the Far East, there is no such entity, although there is a draft, and the people who are willing to deal with this difficult but important. "I have not time to make proposals to regional and city authorities, parliamentarians,envoy. All one answer: Hospice, of course, a good thing, right, but there is no money ", - said Andrey cash. The authorities have repeatedly offered to make private hospice, but the doctor says that it is contrary to the laws of palliative care, "birth and death can not pay. Everyone should receive equal care, in spite of his wealth and position in society. A person does not have to suffer the pain and neglect. "

And now, when the province a month ago in the media and social networks toAndrei cash flow rose again a topic of hospice (hundreds of people voted "for" online "e-democracy»: democrator.ru/problem/10478), officials still can not tell whether to be a hospice in Primorye. Response and. about. Director of the Department of Health Region Oleg Bubnov at parliamentary inquiry "about the intentions of the regional administration to consider the construction of Vladivostok Hospice "shakes his unprofessional. For example, Bubnov saidin the region is a set of standard medical palliative care services that each year with physicians edge themed talks and workshops that reprinted manuals on how to help people with cancer heavy, organized an outreach oncologists to provide guidance, preventive care is not only institutions, but also population. In fact, not so. "Previously, until 2007 I was actually invited to the workshops, I read oncologists from around the edge of the course on palliative care, but now they are without me. I actually wrote the training manual, it was reprinted recently in 2008 with the money medvuza. Now it does not give money, but I do not have a computer or office. To travel to the region, to conduct a methodical training of physicians, to work with all patients, the one I just can not. So that the work actually carried out, "- says the only doctor in the region palliative response official.

Charity - the lot of strong: Doctor Andrew is trying to create cash in Vladivostok, a hospice for cancer patients, the authorities do not hear it until

Also in response and. about. Director of the Department stated that "in health region organized palliative care with cancer in the outpatient environment, as well as beds for nursing care." Out-patient, explains Andrew cash - is when the house comes to you on a nurse and change diapers or you yourself come to it, if you can walk. You can not compare bed nursing and palliative care: the "beds" for your care and wait until you die to the next event, while dying to give a feeling of fullness of life. "Take Dalzavodskuyu hospital - where 30 beds for nursing care. This 12-meter chamber with rotten floors, four bunks. Here are the last days and months of people. They die in this little room, seeing the suffering of their neighbors in the ward. And there are plenty of beds on the edge "- says the doctor. And these beds - are paid. "In order to determine where his relative, we should wait queue. In other words, wait until anyone one who is there now, dies. "

Most optimistic moments seem bureaucratic answer three points, but it's just words. The first in the Department's plan is to "open primary oncology offices in major cities region, where the number of patients with more than 500 people." Again, we are talking about the primary areas - palliative care is not included there. The second item will be "inter-organization in medical centers or edge services offices of pain therapy and palliative care for people with cancer." Interdistrict - it's like? Regional centers in the Maritime region very distant from each other.

The third point is the most mysterious. Reorganize by merging the 6th, 5th and 3rd hospital of Vladivostok and create them on the basis of Department of Palliative Care - an idea that seemed to be great, if not a "but." Hospital № 6 is located at the island of Russian , № 5 - on Popov Island, and number 3 - in the village of Labour. I wonder how relatives will bring their critically ill in one of these hospitals. Even if it is possible, why wait for the union, why not run the office right now? About 15% of the annual mortality in Primorye accounts for oncology. Every year more than 25 thousand patients are registered in the Primorsky Krai Oncology Center. 90% of them will be in the last stage of the disease when they are able to move independently of the ongoing pain and suffering associated with impending death. Help all these people can volitional decision of the authorities.

Legendary Vera Millionshtchikov been almost 20 years ago to build the First Moscow Hospice only after a call to Mayor Luzhkov most "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher. Contact her relatives who died of cancer in Russia to influence the power - and it influenced. Indeed, in the UK hospice care - an age-old tradition. There is a day when the mayor of London to the streets of the city and with hat begging for the needs of hospice. This is not considered a wild and shameful. Because compassion and mercy - mature, confident adults. It capable people strong, courageous, wise, able to withstand the weight of not turning away the suffering of the weak and to give them a helping hand.

Let us, and we will be charitable and help your doctor Andrew cash - urging the authorities to be compassionate and to do the hospice in the Primorsky Territory, to the souls of dying patients as soon as spring came.

Ing the cash, " New Paper in Vladivostok "

Опубликовано:   24-03-2013, 13:52      |      Категория:  eng news

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