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The first Russian "Mistral" will serve "Dalzavod"

The first Russian helicopter type "Mistral" will be served in Vladivostok the company "Dalzavod."

The first Russian "Mistral" will serve "Dalzavod"

"Mistral" will serve "Dalzavod"

In an interview with the channel "Russia 24" Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia.
He said the ship is called the "Vladivostok" and will be maintained in the capital of Primorye .

In October of this year at a meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission will address questions on weapons helicopter.

"In general, all the means at first supposed to equip the" Mistral "- they are embedded in the state armament program and the problems should not arise here," - said Deputy Prime Minister.

The first Russian "Mistral" will serve "Dalzavod"

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