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U.S. intelligence agencies have spent the 2011231

U.S. intelligence agencies have spent the 2011231 U.S. intelligence agencies had for 2011231 year cyber attack directed against electronic networks of foreign countries, including Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, said on the night of Saturday's Washington Post newspaper citing documents declassified ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden. Fugitive U.S. intelligence officer Snowden previously declassified documents revealing the details of the budget of the U.S. intelligence community. According to these documents, 652 million was allocated in the last years of the U.S. budget for the organization of penetration into foreign networks in order to take them under the control of a secret U.S. intelligence services. in the budget including the introduction of hidden assets tracking networks and launch malicious programs on computers, routers, and security across the whole world. The documents say that in 2011 was able to realize an operation 231 three quarters of which were directed against the most important goals in China, Iran, North Korea and Russia. Others details in the documents are given. The New York Times earlier quoted sources in the administration and the U.S. intelligence community wrote that information on large-scale programs of surveillance of U.S. intelligence, which extended Snowden, plans violated the U.S. National Security Agency for a dramatic expansion of electronic counter-intelligence. director Gen. Keith Alexander, NSA proposed the creation of a system to intercept cyber attacks aimed at infrastructure dollars. system could also intercept attempts to compromise systems companies and stealing commercial secrets. This NSA was going to scan and track a lot more than 1.6% of world traffic, which according to the agency, it passes through the channels now. At a meeting Alexander said he can not defend the country until they take control of all computer networks. According to the documents published by the Brazilian media, the level of monitoring Russia - as well as for Brazil, Mexico, France and Australia - was "average", while the biggest telecommunications interception was carried out in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: "The fact that the Allies would overhear each other - it is not our business. Let them doing what they want. This information is from Mr. Snowden, from what I understand. This information is nothing about trying to listen to Russian official representatives not. I do not rule out that this is possible. Such evidence we ourselves used to be. "" Snowden had disappeared from view, but his legacy lives on, "columnist Michael Rostov," What we said detention partner to undertake the work of the journalist Snowden British newspaper "The Guardian" in London's Heathrow airport? From my point of view, at least that's what, "Snowden's case" each week allows us to better understand the world in which we live. It turns out: the "fourth power" in Britain, too, is not omnipotent? When it comes to the vital geopolitical interests of the senior partner of London Washington, the intelligence agencies still more important and more important? Frankly, I have no answers yet to these questions. But I do not doubt that we will soon get the answers - thanks to the "case of Snowden."

RIA Novosti

Опубликовано:   31-08-2013, 20:18      |      Категория:  eng news

Up to 500 students of the Far Eastern Federal University
22-08-2013, 18:04, eng news
Up to 500 students of the Far Eastern Federal University arrive daily on about. Russian and placed in the guest rooms of the new campus. As RIA «VladNews» the press service of the university,...
Igor Pushkarev set the task to repair the bridge without Rudnevsky closures
2-04-2013, 06:10, eng news
All work will be carried out under the bridge, which will not interfere with motorists. Similar technology has been successfully used in the reconstruction of the bridge over the river Ussuri....
Russian Air Force celebrate today, August 12 its 101 th
12-08-2013, 23:45, eng news
Russian Air Force celebrate today, August 12 its 101-th anniversary of the creation, waiting for admission to a combat strength of the fifth-generation fighter T-50 (promising aviation complex...
Surveillance cameras will be back in ten schools in Vladivostok
19-04-2013, 12:10, eng news
In ten schools of the capital of Primorye - № № 33544464754616677 and 82 will be surveillance cameras. Now institutions are working on installation and assembly equipment. In schools Vladivostok...
According to available information, the warship North Korea without leaving
22-09-2013, 11:18, eng news
According to available information, the warship North Korea without going to communicate, fired the shots from an automatic weapon and red flares at the exchange rate of the Russian ship, after which...
64-year-old professor and former athlete sure that
8-09-2013, 00:23, eng news
64-year-old professor and former athlete sure if Tokyo will choose to host the 2020 Olympics, this circumstance will be a great occasion for the Olympic Committee to include the game in the list of...
A man killed a young woman to take hold of her money to buy a car
15-04-2013, 14:11, eng news
In Shkotovsky region of Primorsky Krai in the forest found the body of a young woman with signs of violent death. A man killed a woman in order to take possession of money criminal investigator has...
Vladivostok and Nakhodka detained avtougonschika
20-05-2013, 15:30, eng news
DPS outfit in Vladivostok, Volgograd detained on the street car "Toyota Duet", whose driver was trying to escape. Found that the 29-year-old man - a resident of Vladivostok. Avtougonschika detained...
Today begins the Vladivostok Boat Show-2013
17-05-2013, 10:20, eng news
There are more than 80 participants. Among them are manufacturers and distributors of boats, water sports and equipment and related products......
In Vladivostok, over a hundred residents took part in the
25-05-2013, 14:30, eng news
On Saturday, May 25 in Vladivostok Rally "City plants a cherry" during which the townspeople planted 250 cherry trees on the new green area away from the Golden Bridge from the cable car. To join the...

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