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In place of Alex came Turkalovu businessman and former

In place of Alex came Turkalovu businessman and former In place of Alex came Turkalovu businessman and formermanager, former member of the City Duma Alexander Shurigin. And came to the same show, with which in 2005 was replaced by Alex Turkalov Michael Mihaeva But first things first. A few days ago, the press service of the federal state enterprise "Russian State Circus Company," stated the following: "To discuss the results of the inspection Rosfinnadzor, as well as solutions to production problems in Vladivostok State Circus directed staff of the General DirectorateRussian State Circus Company: Deputy General Director Boris Maikhrovsky and Advisor to the General Director of Economic Security Ivan Kulinin ". The fact that under Turkalovym Alexei and his team, figuratively speaking, is reeling chair, began to speak a few months ago. But all this was only talk until the situation is, as usual, did not dramatically moved from the stage of rumors in the stage of the conflict. And, interestingly, the differences occurred between the parent organization (Russian State Circus Company) and a branch in the region (Vladivostok circus). As the correspondent of RIA «VladNews» Deputy General Director of the Russian State Circus Company Boris Maikhrovsky August 13 a delegation Rosgostsirk tried not to let the building of circus Vladivostok. Although everyone who came from Moscow, were with him, and officers, and travel vouchers. Boris Maikhrovsky yet entered the building and there is an explanation given to police officers who arrived on call attorney (representing the interests of one of the leaders of the local circus.) Some media even reported that "local circus' cause riot police, saying that Muscovites are trying to remove the accounting documents raider seizure, save - help. However, the press - service of the regional police department denied the fact of the appearance of riot police. However, reported that on the remote private security department of Leninsky district really worked button alarm installed in the building of Vladivostok circus. And the police received a report about the attempt of a group of illegal actions of citizens. The applicant said that several people went into the room Vladivostok circus and turned to the administration of the institution, demanding the release area due to the fact that they are the legitimate owners of the premises. Arrived at the scene of private security officers. Established that a conflict situation arose against the background of civil ¬ legal relationship between the owners of the institution. Only a long conversation, during which representatives of the city was able to prove that their visit is connected with the financial test of subordinate institutions, allowed them to go into the room. However, inside the lawyer representing the Vladivostok circus, demanded that Moscow auditors verify their credentials. The situation is exacerbated and the fact that de jure director ¬ Vladgostsirka Turkalov Alex was on sick leave, and Muscovites tried to present a collective new CFO Alexander Shurygina Vladivostok circus, which approved the Russian State Circus Company in office for a few days before. Local well kept saying we have our chief financial officer, did not know who Shurigin. As told by him Maikhrovsky, arrived inspection was dissatisfied with the state of the Vladivostok circus - Federal premises for the last nine years, has fallen into decay, which, however, the audience, there were in the circus, and no one can see the pointing finger high commission. Rosgostsirk willing to invest in the renovation of the building, but today's inspection is not clear how finances are spent and what is happening with the leadership of the Vladivostok circus. The day after the show with a call to the police and others saw the light of order management Rosgostsirk that the Acting Director of Vladivostok circus appointed Alexander Shurigin. Until, at least, not so far from the sick leave Turkalov Alex, who, as yet, ¬ de jure remains the head of the circus. However, today is the question of his further stay in the post It is interesting that in 2005 became director Alexei Turkalov Vladivostok circus in almost exactly the same situation. Former director Michael Michael would not let a circus building committee did not want to show documents; scandal with elements of the show was loud - at one time the "B" has devoted several publications situation. It is significant that Michael Mihaevu issued, all the same charges: dilapidation of the circus, the lack of repair Here is what he wrote "B" in 2005 "Alex Turkalov thinks Vladivostok circus can be a kind ¬ city hall, entertainment center, where, along with circus Views can be concerts, trips, even a zoo and a private company can get started. Of course, this is in the future - after the building and the neighborhood will be repaired, we will be solved the problem of housing for artists ". It was nine years ago. Michael Meehan, incidentally, also worked as a director of the circus just over eight years, almost nine. By the way, vladivostoktsy those who are older, they say that his predecessor also filmed with the scandal. Is it possible that our circus has become a tradition every nine years to arrange presentation a la "circus with horses" around leadership positions?

Michael Neschedrin, the newspaper "Vladivostok"

Опубликовано:   20-08-2013, 14:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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