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Violations of safety rules led to the criminal case

The Investigative Committee to Primorsky Krai opened a criminal case on the fact of violation of safety rules at Vladivostok .

Violations of safety rules led to the criminal case

A man has suffered because of safety violations

February 7 this year at the customs office in the building on the street Dalzavodskoy in Vladivostok during unloading of parts workers, who took the goods were not protected.

As a result, the storekeeper, born in 1963 was sandwiched between a fixed and a movable container and suffered multiple fractures and other damage to the body.

Now the Investigation Committee finds out who is responsible for enforcing safety in the workplace, the guilty will suffer severe punishment - said VestiRegion.ru Senior Assistant Head of
Justice Major Roman Aurora.

Violations of safety rules led to the criminal case

Опубликовано:   4-09-2013, 15:30      |      Категория:  eng news

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