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The man, who scored his mother to death, will go on trial

The Investigative Committee to Primorsky Krai completed the investigation of the criminal case against 48-year-old man.

The man, who scored his mother to death, will go on trial

He is accused of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, resulting in the death of the victim.

June 11 this year in an apartment in Svetlanskaya of Vladivostok Charged with being drunk, beat his 71-year-old mother. The woman made a remark to his son that he was drunk again. From the injuries the victim died the next day in a hospital in the city.

The consequence of all the evidence gathered, the criminal case to the court - said VestiRegion.ru senior assistant chief of the department, Justice Major Roman Aurora.

The man, who scored his mother to death, will go on trial

Опубликовано:   4-09-2013, 15:30      |      Категория:  eng news

Among them - the sports fields are located in the following
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Among them - Fields are located at the following locations: Avenue of the Red Banner, 133 str. Fadeev, 8a, Alliluyeva, 5 Zigure, 48 Quarry, 11 Vilkovo, 15 and, Dobrovolsky, 5 Kaplunov, 8 Borisenko,...
In the coastal hinterland of the drama taking place worse than Shakespeare.
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In the coastal hinterland of the drama taking place worse than Shakespeare. You want to live, as they say, it's not only have to spin, but obviously take bad loans. People suffer, suffer banks A...
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In September, the International Congress of Maritime Fishermen will be
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12-13 September in Vladivostok will be the eighth International Congress of fishermen. Fishery Congress will be held in Primorye Traditional International Congress is held every year. His aim to...
Special operations forces will soon appear in Russia
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The Russian Defense Ministry has initiated the formation of Special Operations Forces, and has even set up the necessary command......
May 1 Golden Bridge in Vladivostok will work until three in the morning
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The bridge across the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok on May Day will be open to pedestrians from 6:00 am to 3 am. Golden bridge on May Day will be open to pedestrians until three in the morning....
Energy trying to do everything possible to ensure
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Energy try to do everything possible in order to minimize the risk of damage to power facilities and avoid the limitations of power supply. The headquarters of RAO "System of East" will run until the...
On the evening of September 4 the level of water in the Amur
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On the evening of September 4 the water level in the Amur River near Khabarovsk was 806 cm (4 hours - 2 cm), near the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, 841 (4 hours 5). The press service of the Ministry of...
Japanese companies will combine the export and construction of production in Primorye
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In Primorye, is almost impossible to find a company that you can just sell the technology, so that she alone has established production......
Police arrested 25-year-old Primorskiy Krai reporting the impending terrorist attack
11-05-2013, 15:20, eng news
A resident of the village called Taiga part on duty and said he would arrange a blast, but did not specify where or when. However, the police was enough, and the fact of the call......

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