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August. The hottest time of the summer, not only for vacationers,

August. The hottest time of the summer, not only for vacationers, August. The hottest time of the summer, not only for vacationers, but also for those who have just entered into a new time of his life - students. And most, I think, relevant to the present, the issue for the same applicants Palo - this campus on the island of Russian. Lifeyoung people on the island overgrown with so many legends, tales and speculation that future students are unlikely to sort out what is truth and fiction. When I came to the university campus is about lot of rumors, and the truth found there was nobody. We had to take our word for the official website of the university. However, the "word" was not very much and embellished. All was almost the same as the picture on the Internet. Only here are the first impressions were not quite so joyful and - in manyrooms, including my own, guests of the APEC summit left "gifts": empty bottles, broken furniture, cabinet doors on the beds. Naturally, the leadership of the hostel has eliminated these "inconveniences" and soon all was forgotten. Rooms are bright and airy, each with shower and toilet. Just for that can be laid out three thousand rubles, which we pay monthly for housing. It's not even a hostel, but rather, hotel bed linen issue, the room cleaned once a week, and even protection is available. Fullset of services. Once we were settled, the question was: "Where is the feed?". Cooking is strictly prohibited in the hostel because of the low electrical endurance. We were offered the services of the dining room. Breakfast, lunch, dinner costs about 150 rubles each, so three times a day to feed an extremely profitable: not everyone can afford to shell out 500 rubles per day for meals. Canteen immediately ceased to be a success. Students began to carry a small stove in the hostel for one or two burners andcook quietly. Sometimes, someone caught in the act. And then picked up and the stove, and a pass to the hostel. And that, you know, not very nice. My neighbor got one, too. However, a pass back, so all is well. Not so long ago, in a dorm took special rooms for cooking, equipped with microwaves and ironing boards. Here you can settle down and with his stove to cook the same soup. But that does not fundamentally solve the problem: go to the other end of the dorms withproducts with the entire set of kitchen and back still carry a red-hot stove not agree, convenient. Besides ironing boards and quickly moved to someone in the room. Therefore, students still prefer to solve everyday problems in a familiar way. But by the beginning of the new academic year in these workers' sheds promise to establish full stove with oven, so that one problem will be less. Household refrigerators in the rooms, of course. But how long it will be based on your stocks? Soall buy their own small personal refrigerators - for greater comfort. Another important issue was the water. I was scared at the time, saying that desalinated water is life-threatening. Nothing like that. Yes, sometimes it is yellow, but where, say, the water is crystal clear? If anyone tells you that it is because of this fall hair, nails, teeth - do not believe it! On a personal experience verified: you can wash it. But drink it still should not be. Students were told about it immediately andto fix the effect declared at the meeting for residents of dormitories. And in the rooms above the sink stuck warning, and in two languages - Russian and English. For the convenience of students on campus organized a water delivery service - you pay 120 rubles to the dining room and get nineteen liters of drinking water at the hostel. Those who seems unfair price, buy water at the pharmacy - 4 rubles per liter. So there is always a way out. On the hot water. She cut off, but not often. AndOtherwise, claims to it not - it's hot, sometimes unnecessarily. This spring, the hostel established automatic washing machines. Laundry is free, but you need to have your powder. To use the machine there is a queue, but it does not bother anyone. The hostel does not have to be bored - we are students. In each dorm there is a games room where there is a lot of table and floor games, and most importantly, Sony Playstation! In this room you can go to one, and come out with a bunch of friends.Appeared campus student council, which worked well, arranging holidays and all sorts of interesting activities. However, over time, student council has resolved itself somehow: our students were not ready for college life and activities were not very popular. It is a pity, of course. While this student knows than yourself without the Student Council to take. The campus is a good infrastructure for outdoor activities: a huge park, where there is a small playground with a horizontal bar, and the beautiful waterfront. Here until the winter sports fans love to run lifestyle. Individual attention, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and of course a huge football field. Even in a campus bike rental, which is very popular among students and staff dormitories. The island has a pizzeria and two more stores in the eighth and ninth dormitories. Only here the prices are somewhat inflated because students drop there only in case of emergency. And since most of us buy a month's supply of food in hypermarkets Cape Churkin. It is very convenient. Products may be stored in a room everything. But alcohol is, of course, not. Because of his security checks bags bought food. "This is an invasion of privacy" - you might say. And I will object to you: it is mentioned in the rules of the hostel, so please respect them. As in any other dorm, we curfew - to 2200. After this time, you can not visit other dorms and out "of the guests." That is something you can go out, but you'll take a pass at it, and you ogrebet yourself unnecessary problems. Agree with the protection of not - it is in our strict. But you can make friends and even necessary - if you need help, its members can always be relied upon. Naturally, the students initially rebelled against this regime and began looking for a workaround. Then began the fashion for "climbed out the window to somebody and I will come to you." Yes, it was too. Me sitting quietly, doing their own thing, and then tap on the window. Peeps, and there is a poor student with such a person, if you save his life, if for nothing. Security, of course, the students quickly "know-how" prosekla and initiated a system tour, and not always culturally: knock themselves and quickly opened the door. This had a good effect so caught many violators of the order of the evening and even one student Dal'rybvtuz. That's it. But in his dorm - the entrance round the clock, but only in a sober state. Now the problem of delivery of students from the campus to the mainland Vladivostok and back more or less solved. But in the beginning of the school year can be seen as students, seeing the bus, throw out the whole bunch on the roadway, preventing transport pass. As soon unfold door begins to fight for a seat, but what's there for sitting, standing, even for - to leave something everyone wants. The bus is the first time I got on my knees in front of someone in the literal sense: pushed me so that I fell down and could not get up - there was no room. And people all cram and cram into the cabin. I stepped on his hand and did not even apologize. Well, that was left alive. Here convinced: our guys, it turns out, quite rude. They take each other space, but how to make room for the girl or an elderly person, the question can not be! Men sit pretend not to notice anything or anyone: who is looking out the window, who listens to music, who just shyly lowers his head, but to get up Do not hold your breath. So, girls, are fastened. There are buses every 15 - 20 minutes. The working day starts with them and ends up 640 at 2215 last flight in the direction of the campus. Although there is now such a problem will not be - the entire educational process is transferred to the Russian island. And to the academic building five minutes walk away. Medical Clinic: I am here and not here, I'm everywhere and nowhere With the transfer to the Russian occupation develops, we hope, and infrastructure, which is now in its infancy. In particular this applies to health care. At the moment there is a doctor on campus, but where it is located, is known only to those who work there. Ambulance on the island do not, so you have to wait very long medkaretu that travels out of town. Yes, and phone number in "emergency" is not 03 as everywhere else, and a very long, hard-to-remember and do not always remember. But in the ninth body has a pharmacy that is very helps. But the hope that the campus will be the same public health office. August. The hottest time of the summer. I hope, dear applicants, now that you spend that time on the beach, not in search of the truth about the campus of Palo on the island of Russian, because the truth I have just said.

Elvira Mashkov, the newspaper "Vladivostok"

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