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The hosts, athletes "East" take

The hosts, athletes "East" take The hosts, athletes "East" take the club "Salavat", which is in the national championship eponymous city of the Republic of Bashkortostan. This race is expected with great interest. "Salavat" his great victories of the season made it clear that he intends to win the top place. In the hunt for medals and vostokovtsy, especially now that factor on their side home walls. Guests have to apply all of their best artists - past champions Russia Denis Gizatullina and Sergei Darkin, experienced riders Denis Sayfutdinova, Cyril Cukanova, Seeds Vlasov, by the way, once advocated the "East". Special weight race at the "forefront" gives access to the guest Emil Sayfutdinova. This is undoubtedly a significant event - the first time in the history of the sport Vladivostok fans can "live" to see the strongest rider at the moment of the planet. Saifutdinov won almost all the competitions, headed by the most prestigious international series "Grand Prix", which, by the way, before it was not even close to the Russians. He also took the lead in the last week kicked off a personal European Championship, finally, a few days ago showed brilliant form in a very revered in the speedway world championship Polish Extraliga. Second in this race, we note was the captain of "East" Gregory Laguta. He will lead the team tomorrow against "Salavat". Also, we will take part Alexey Kharchenko, Vadim Tarasenko, Maxim Karaichentsev, who returned to the team after a short break, and juniors - brothers John and Michael Baldy, Daniel and Sergey Litvinov Logatchev. Can not, unfortunately, help Renat Gafurov and Victor Golubovskii. According to head coach of the "East" Igor Stolyarov, a difficult fight. The home team is going to make every effort to rematch for the failure of the first round. Then, we recall our countrymen suffered a humiliating defeat in Salavat with a minimum score of 44:45. And "Salavat" acted without Emile Sayfutdinova. One will develop now?

Vladimir Konoplitsky, the newspaper "Vladivostok"

Опубликовано:   7-08-2013, 13:02      |      Категория:  eng news

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Напомним, конкурс проводят департамент культуры Приморского края и местное отделение Союза Российских писателей при поддержке краевых литературных объединений. «Создавая современную летопись...

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