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On July 24 all essential services Primorye

On July 24 all essential services Primorye On July 24 all essential services Primorye are on high alert due to the passing cyclone. Fire and Rescue units also have a duty of alert and are ready to provide all necessary assistance to the residents of Primorye related to the possible effects of heavy rain and wind. To ensure the safety of the population has enhanced the monitoring of the situation in the areas adjacent to the reservoirs and the rivers of Primorye. As at 0900 on July 24 breaches in the life support systems is not fixed. Recall Due to the intensification of cyclonic activity off the coast of Primorye in the afternoon on July 24 in the southern half of the province is expected to heavy rain with rainfall of 10-45 mm in 12 hours or less, the evening of July 24 places very heavy rain with rainfall of 50-80 mm and more . Night and day, July 25 strong in parts of very heavy rains are expected in most of the region, on the coast with winds 18-23 m /s. In conditions of high water availability from previous rains, water-logged basins of the southern half of the province, the level of the rivers is expected to rise from 1 to 3 m Exceeding critical marks out of water on the floodplain with the flooding of adjacent land: farmland, roads, communication and power lines, individual settlements . Also, in connection with the release of an active cyclone to the coast of Primorye in the morning and in the afternoon on July 25 on the east coast of the Primorye Territory of Cape Rotary (Partisan District) to Cape Gold (Terneisky area) is expected to dangerous wave height of 4 m in the north-east wind 18 - 23 m /s. General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Primorsky Krai encourages residents and guests of Primorye not to travel on vacation, relaxing on the coast of collapse campgrounds, owners of small size

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In Vladivostok, the next stage of the project continues
21-08-2013, 13:50, eng news
In Vladivostok, continuing the next stage of the project "National examination". The citizens who participated in the unprecedented mass survey of public opinion, had the opportunity to travel with a...
Veterinarian caught bribing
28-06-2013, 21:15, eng news
Investigators in the Primorye Territory has completed work on the criminal case against veterinarian KGVBU "Coastal Veterinary Services." Veterinarian goes on trial for bribery She is accused of...
More than 2.5 billion rubles increased budget revenues
27-03-2013, 10:00, eng news
Primorye. At the next session of Parliament Primorye deputies considered amendments to the law "On the regional budget for 2013 and the planning period of 2014 and 2015." Revenues rose Primorye Basic...
The new gym at Ostryakov 49 was officially
31-08-2013, 01:31, eng news
The new gym at Ostryakov 49 was inaugurated today in Vladivostok. Young athletes involved in MMA according to DRAKA, will remember this day: they managed to posparringovat by Roy Jones Jr., on fights...
In Primorye injured man on fire
23-05-2013, 10:30, eng news
In the night from 21 to 22 May at 4:00 on the remote attendant fire was reported that in Vladivostok, in the street of the Tunguska lit apartment in an apartment building. On fire in Vladivostok...
At Thursday, August 15 at night there was a thunderstorm, and in the morning
16-08-2013, 17:48, eng news
At Thursday, August 15 at night there was a thunderstorm, and in the morning and then it was drizzling rain. And it seemed, well, what can be in this weather and gray sky bright juicy holiday? But by...
Two people were injured in a fire in Primorye
29-04-2013, 11:11, eng news
April 28 at 04 hours 52 minutes to control fire, it was reported that in the village Svakovka Khorolsky region of Primorye off-storey semi-detached house. In Primorye fire injuring two people By the...
Maritimes rescuers spent training descents from a helicopter
19-04-2013, 16:00, eng news
Helicopter MI-8 following in the city Spassk - Far to practice training runs, was also involved in the raid on monitoring forest fire and flood situation......
Fountains in Vladivostok will earn in May
11-04-2013, 18:01, eng news
In May, the capital of Primorye traditionally earn fountains on the Arbat. Fountains in Vladivostok in May earn Now experts perform commissioning, check the system - VestiRegion.ru reported press...
17-04-2013, 10:00, eng news
Prime Minister stressed the need to amend the antitrust laws of Russia, not excluding or adjusting trade law......

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