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As stated at the hearing, in the spring of 2012

As stated at the hearing, in the spring of 2012 As stated at the hearing, in the spring of 2012 he posted on the Internet announcement of the sale of cars TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO and MITSUBISHI CANTER, the owner of which was not. Photos and specifications of cars were copied them from other ads. Later he convinced wishing to purchase the first car on the pretext of customs documents to translate the name of the fraudster blitz transfer 50000 rubles. Second potential buyer for a second car persuaded to transfer as a deposit to the account in the bank 160000 rubles. After receiving the money lzheprodavets postpone the execution of an obligation, citing the difficulties encountered when processing customs documents. Moreover, who wants to buy a car MITSUBISHI CANTER, misguided need to make an urgent payment of purchase of the car, and sent to the account of the defendant's additional funds of $ 1.2 million. Based on the evidence presented by the public prosecution the court found the defendant guilty of these crimes, sentencing him for what he did to 3.5 years of imprisonment in a penal colony. Civil claims of victims for a total of 1 million 410 thousand rubles satisfied by the court in its entirety. At present, the verdict in force did not come.

Press service of the Prosecutor's Office of Primorsky Krai

Опубликовано:   20-07-2013, 18:01      |      Категория:  eng news

The mobile laboratory was admitted to hospital
9-07-2013, 12:30, eng news
The mobile laboratory was admitted to hospital six weeks ago as part of the modernization program of health care. As the chief doctor Sergei Tamaev Lazovska hospital, the cost of mobile fluorography...
Defense Ministry ordered the tanker to the Pacific Fleet
28-05-2013, 09:20, eng news
The tender was listed another vessel of the same project 23130 - it will get to the Northern Fleet......
Two dedicated people waiting for a cat owner in Vladivostok
17-04-2013, 13:00, eng news
The lines of the famous song of the black cat were prophetic for the heroine of our material - Nigella cats. (PHOTOS)......
21-03-2013, 11:04, eng news
Foreign buyers interested in the gifts of the Ussuri taiga......
Homeless man in Vladivostok died after falling into a manhole
5-07-2013, 18:45, eng news
In the city of Vladivostok investigation check is conducted into the death of a fall in the hatch. In Vladivostok, a homeless person died after falling into a manhole July 5 this year in one of the...
July 6 at the Central Square will be a series of events dedicated to the birthday of Vladivostok
5-07-2013, 18:45, eng news
July 6 in the center of Vladivostok all day artists will be performing a variety of genres. Concert - a gift to residents and guests of Vladivostok on the Day of the city. A great holiday awaits...
Emergency workers took part in the Maritime Environmental Action
20-05-2013, 16:31, eng news
These days across Russia held an action "Day of Russian forest planting." In many forest areas, as well as in the towns and villages of the concerned people plant trees. MOE has taken part in the...
Следователями Дальневосточного следственного управления
5-07-2013, 13:16, eng news
Следователями Дальневосточного следственного управления на транспорте СУ СКР завершено расследование уголовного дела в отношении бывшего главного государственного таможенного инспектора отдела...
22-03-2013, 04:51, eng news
On Sunday, March 23 Vladivostok residents join the largest mass in the human history of environmental action, the World Wildlife Fund's "Earth Hour". Cyclists from Vladivostok Extreme Club decided to...
In Primorye, will judge the customs inspector
5-07-2013, 18:45, eng news
Former customs inspector, a member of the Ussuri Customs in Primorye will go on trial for abuse of power. According to investigators, at the end of October last year, the defendant received from the...

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