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Opened Council, its President - head of customs

Opened Council, its President - head of customs Opened's Board Chairman of the customs chief Mikhail Sorokin. The participants of the Advisory Council discussed the reports: «Results of the implementation in the region of the Annunciation of customs technologies of electronic information provision warehouses of temporary storage customs authorities», «Electronic document traders, carriers, temporary storage and customs authorities with the use of web - portal "Fill-Bill» and «Procedure for adopting preliminary decisions on classification of goods under the HS code of the Customs Union», presented by member of the Advisory Board Boris Beloborodov, the Director of "Внешсервис», head of regional projects of LLC "STM", St. Petersburg (software developer) Mikhail Luginin and the head of the commodity nomenclature of goods origin and trade restrictions Annunciation customs Faith Berezovskaya. Customs chief Mikhail Sorokin, summing up, drew attention to the need to continue the successful work of customs administration in the region of activity of customs posts with the use of modern products - the Internet-technologies in customs clearance and customs control of goods moving across the customs border.

The press service of the DVTU

Опубликовано:   28-06-2013, 21:30      |      Категория:  eng news

7-03-2013, 02:24, eng news
The participants of the spring festival in the central square on March 8 will do good work......
Loving couple robbed women offenders in Primorye
31-03-2013, 05:10, eng news
Now attackers give police a confession. The woman under house arrest. A man is in custody......
Amur region, every day feels rescuers
20-08-2013, 14:01, eng news
Amur region, every day experiences rescue officers on the strength of Russia. In addition to helping people affected by the floods, the evacuation of the sunken areas of the region are being...
21-05-2013, 12:20, eng news
The length of the "Green Marathon" is a symbolic 4200 feet, allowing everyone - and experienced athletes and novice joggers of all ages - to participate in the race and feel involvement in the...
Social apartment Terneisky area - temporary housing for the homeless
11-04-2013, 15:01, eng news
In Terneisky district of Primorye in the village Plastun for people in difficult life situation, the local government social equipped apartment. In Terneisky's homeless find shelter in the apartment...
Tomorrow, July 16 she will take part in the solemn
15-07-2013, 14:45, eng news
Tomorrow, July 16 she will attend the opening ceremony of the planting of sixty cherry seedlings brought from Japan as a gift to Vladivostok. The ceremony will take place at the Botanical Garden, FEB...
In Vladivostok, detained a thief robbed an outstanding businessman, a member of ATEF 2013
31-05-2013, 09:30, eng news
In Vladivostok, the police have detained a man suspected of stealing a purse from the Director of a large Moscow company, who arrived in Beijing to attend the Asia-Pacific Energy Forum. As the VL.ru,...
On Monday, in Vladivostok, fog and drizzle
27-05-2013, 09:20, eng news
The region places a little rain. On the coast, fog in places. Wind southwest moderate. Day temperature +11 +30 ° C......
The complainant said that a man broke into the store
19-07-2013, 18:48, eng news
The complainant said that a man broke into the store wearing a mask and threatening with a pistol, demanded to give daily revenue. Once the attacker was distracted store security guard knocked the...
In Vladivostok, the man behind the seduction of an underage girl will go on trial
13-09-2013, 15:30, eng news
The investigating authorities of the TFR in the Primorsky Krai on materials FSB Russia opened a criminal case against a man born in 1962. He is accused of having intimate relations with an underage...

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