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Prosecutor of the district of St. Olga protected labour rights

Prosecutor of the district of St. Olga protected labour rights Prosecutor of the district of St. Olga protected labour rights of workers of municipal educational institutions. As has told to the correspondent of RIA «VladNews» senior assistant Prosecutor of Primorsky Krai Elena Telegina, the Prosecutor's office has audited the arguments collective appeals of workers of municipal educational establishments of St. Olga district of violation in the sphere of wages. Violations of the labour rights of employees of these institutions confirmed. It should be clarified that the workers of kindergartens and schools have the right to receive wages not below the minimum wage with the subsequent crediting to him of regional factor and interest allowances for length of service in the southern areas of the Far East. In this connection, prosecutors of the region in the courts sent 70 statement of claim about collecting of debts on wages in excess of $ 400 thousand rbl. In present already considered and satisfied 67 such statements totaling more than 390 thousand rubles. Prosecutor of the district Chapter of St. Olga municipal district, as well as Directors of secondary schools and the head of the kindergartens district of St. Olga made representations about elimination of the revealed infringements of requirements of the labour legislation.

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 22:30      |      Категория:  eng news

These laws allow the region to create a system-112
1-08-2013, 19:30, eng news
These laws allow the region to create a system-112 - an automated information management system to provide call emergency services. It will be unified across Russia. System Manager-112 taking the...
Residents and guests of Vladivostok warn on the ice can kill
4-03-2013, 07:23, eng news
In this regard, all the ice fishing enthusiasts call limit on the ice in order to avoid accidents......
In China, the generals at the time of the rank and file to demote
25-04-2013, 19:10, eng news
A similar decree issued in 1958 by Mao Zedong. He ordered that the military leaders each year for a month served as infantrymen......
CPS suspended the sushi bar
26-08-2013, 16:01, eng news
As a result of an unscheduled inspection carried out at the sushi bar "Tokyo" (LLC "Fusion"), located at the address. Svetlanskaya 183B, officers found a number of violations of Epidemiology. The...
В краевой центр гости из Находки приехали для того,
8-07-2013, 13:01, eng news
В краевой центр гости из Находки приехали для того, чтобы обменяться с владивостокскими коллегами опытом работы, а также осмотреть объекты, построенные во Владивостоке в период подготовки к саммиту...
In the north of Primorye timber crushed the 10-year-old child
9-05-2013, 14:20, eng news
In Primorye police are checking into the death of a child in an accident......
The credit portfolio of legal entities and individual
13-06-2013, 12:16, eng news
The credit portfolio of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs Birobidzhan branch of Sberbank reached the milestone of 1 billion rubles. Far Eastern Sberbank is the leader of crediting of small...
Official Statement gorizbirkoma reads:
11-09-2013, 15:31, eng news
Official Statement gorizbirkoma reads: "In accordance with paragraph 8 of Article 78 of the Electoral Code of the Primorsky Territory Igor Pushkarev, who received the highest number of voters who...
Sberbank held a scientific conference with the students of maritime universities
30-04-2013, 10:00, eng news
Students, faculty and staff of the Savings Bank discussed the state of the banking sector and the Russian Far East. (PHOTOS)......
Vladivostok has opened a Russian-Japanese Medical Center
28-05-2013, 18:30, eng news
Chairman of the Duma of Vladivostok Helen Nowicka took part in the opening of the Russian-Japanese medical center "Hokuto". Vladivostok was opened only in the country rossysko-Japanese New medical...

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