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Tomorrow, June 11 in Vladivostok will change the scheme of movement

Tomorrow, June 11 in Vladivostok will change the scheme of movement Tomorrow, June 11 in Vladivostok will change the scheme of movement of the bus route №29д, supplying residents of Russkiy island from the village at the Foot of the Central part of the city. Final stop of buses will now «shopping center Emerald - 2». According to the Department of transport of administration of Vladivostok, was originally buses №29д stopped near the station of coastal marine messages on Ul. Нижнепортовой accustomed to go residents of Russkiy island while traveling on the sea transport. Now, as studies in passenger traffic and feedback from the islanders, this stop there is no need, because people are more convenient to go near shopping center «Emerald», where most city routes, and from there travel to other destinations. In the opposite direction of the movement will be by the Ocean and Guerrilla avenues with stops «Komarova - Art gallery - Tool plant», Gogol street with stops «VSUES - Student», followed by a trip to the bridge across the Golden horn Bay and further along the route.

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 22:30      |      Категория:  eng news

Одиозный чиновник из лесхоза Приморья оштрафован на 15 тысяч рублей
22-06-2013, 21:45, eng news
По постановлению межрайонного природоохранного прокурора замначальника управления лесным хозяйством края Петр Диюк привлечен к административной ответственности......
Offensive official from the Maritime Forestry fined 15000 rubles
28-05-2013, 16:20, eng news
By order of the interdistrict environmental prosecutor's deputy chief of forestry management edge Peter Diyuk brought to administrative responsibility......
The price of grain in Russia exceeded the five-year maximum of
1-04-2013, 14:10, eng news
Now kilograms of rye bread in the national average is 3312 rubles against 2824 rubles a year ago, and white - 3512 rubles against 29.6 rubles......
A representative delegation of parliamentarians and financiers from the Republic of Korea met with Vladivostok
12-04-2013, 15:00, eng news
The meeting was attended by the deputy head of the administration of Vladivostok Roman Pockets, Head of International Relations and Tourism of the city administration Vladimir Saprykin and adviser to...
The monument to Vysotsky, already cast in bronze casting in
16-07-2013, 22:15, eng news
The monument to Vysotsky, already cast in bronze foundries in Krasnoyarsk, is in the way and in the next few days will be delivered to Vladivostok. As previously reported RIA «VladNews» , The...
In Vladivostok, opened the 17th Pacific Rim International Tourism Exhibition
18-05-2013, 16:20, eng news
The exhibition aims to become a communication platform to meet interesting tourist sites for long-term contracts on cooperation in the sphere of tourist industry......
Immediately to the site of fire were aimed fire
15-06-2013, 16:30, eng news
Immediately to the site of fire were aimed fire brigades, who arrived on the scene after 3 minutes. Using links smoke protection service, fire penetrated into the apartment, found the victim and...
Vladivostok is a discharge of water from Vladivostok is discharge of water from the reservoir Bogatinskogo Read more: http://www.newsvl.ru/vlad/2013/07/21/sbros/# ixzz2ZeTOPs9x Vladivostok News on VL.ru
21-07-2013, 15:45, eng news
Vladivostok over about two days raging powerful cyclone from China. As expected, he brought heavy rainfall and strong winds. Due to incessant rainfall in the reservoir Bogatinskogo started dumping...
20-05-2013, 13:40, eng news
To pay off the full amount of the debt, the debtor will have to sell the house......
Early next week the weather will worsen in Primorye
13-07-2013, 13:15, eng news
South of the Far East is under the influence malogradientnogo field of high atmospheric pressure. In Primorye remains hot weather. During the weekend of significant changes in the weather conditions...

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