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Heat and cold will be expected Primorye in May

Heat and cold will be expected Primorye in May
The average monthly temperature in May is close to the long-term average, the press service of Primgidrometa.

According to preliminary estimates, the average monthly temperature in May is expected to +9 +14 o C, on the east coast of +5 +8 o C, which is close to the long-term average and above them on 11-1 5 o C.

Rainfall in the region over the last month rolled around the average number of years, in most of the central districts of less than him.

Feature of the month

May in Primorye is changeable, because it connects the cold and warm half of the year, and this intermediate to a large extent determines the nature of atmospheric processes. This month, possible summer heat with 30 ° C heat and the return of cold weather, sunny weather with dry winds and drizzling mist, intermittent rains with thunderstorms and rainfall oblozhnye.

The average temperature in May for long-term data is 9-12 ° C, on the east coast of 5-8 ° C, which is 5-7 ° C higher than in April.

In May, a marked influence on the distribution of air temperature during the day has Sikhote-Alin mountain range. If on the eastern slopes and on the tops of hills daytime temperature varies from +8 ° C to +14 ° C, is on the western slopes and in the valley of the river Arsenyevka, less exposed to cold air masses, aiming to Okhotsk and Sea of Japan, the temperature is +18. +20 ° C. The heat in May and in areas Prikhankayskaya plain. Lake Hanka has little influence on the temperature, for example, on its coast (p. Astrahanka), the average maximum temperature of +18.1 ° C, and in Section Horol - 19.3 ° C heat.

The average minimum temperature at night in May of +3 +7 ° C, and on the north edge of the mountains around 0 ° C.

Over the last 20 years turned out to be extremely warm May in 1991 and 1998. The lowest temperature background was observed in 2011.

In the main agricultural areas of the province frosts usually end in the first ten days of the month, and the date of the most recent frost falls on May 18-25.

The amount of precipitation in May compared with the previous month increased by 1.5-2 times and is 55-70 mm, on the northeast coast of the region - 80-90 mm. The interannual variability of this magnitude is quite substantial. For example, in Vladivostok in 1995 fell to 208 mm, and in 1984 only 5.8 mm of rainfall.

The region was the driest May in 198619871988 and 1993 and rainy in 199019971998 and 1999. About 1-3 times in 10 years in May, falling sleet.

The number of days with thunderstorms in the continental areas increases to 5-8.

The prevailing wind direction in this month becomes the south, on the coast - the south-east. In the western region the average monthly wind speed in May has the highest (4.8-5.5 m /s) in the annual values, in other areas it is 3.2 m /s, in some places on the coast of 6-7 m /s.

Along the shoreline is often observed fogs - 7-12 cases in some 13-19 years, and sometimes up to 20-22.

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