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Rector, teachers and students participated in the clean Palo Vladivostok

Rector, teachers and students participated in the clean Palo Vladivostok

On Saturday, April 27 more than 100 students, faculty and staff of the Far Eastern Federal University took part in the traditional spring cleaning citywide territories.

On this day, improvement works have covered all the main streets and yards of Vladivostok, sidewalks and highways, pedestrian crossings and public gardens. The university was busy cleaning the Intercession City Park. Along with all the work involved in Palo rector Sergei Iwaniec.

"Landing" of the University went virtually undeveloped area of the park - the lower walkway along Ocean Avenue, which is not yet completed construction work. It was necessary to remove last year's leaves and branches, lay in piles of building stone, put in order the playground and walking path. To do this, it took several hours.

As the rector said Sergei Palo Iwaniec, participation in such events - normal for any man desire to make a cleaner and more beautiful city in which you live.

- I'm sure do not need a special citizenship or extra big words in order to clean your yard or city park. I myself take it very simply, this is a traditional springtime activity in the company of colleagues, which, except for use, and brings a more cheerful mood - Says the rector.

Students kept up the teaching staff. For some cleaning of the area - the usual occupation. As the freshman-biologist Edgar Polyakov, while still a schoolboy, he often participated in various environmental events, so sanitation for it is nothing new.

Note maid assigned to Palo territories began a week earlier. The guys have painted railings, curbs, benches, ennobled recreation and sports grounds around the school buildings and dormitories. Total in cleanup was attended by over 1500 people.

Опубликовано:   27-04-2013, 13:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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