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The new law of the land for development can make housing truly affordable - the Alliance of Builders of Primorye

The new law of the land for development can make housing truly affordable - the Alliance of Builders of Primorye

The draft law on the free provision of land for housing could solve three major problems that limit the development of the housing market and make the purchase of a roof over his head practically inaccessible to most of Primorye, said Sergei Fedorenko, director of the Alliance of Builders of Primorye.

The reasons why housing is so expensive, are known. Three of them - 1) expensive technical conditions for utility connections - heat, electricity, water and drainage, 2) bureaucratic hurdles and 3) the high cost of land.

The bill indicated that the law on the free provision of land only applies to citizens, and thus, the site will podkulyuchen to public networks on favorable terms. Moreover, the proposed law says that the backbone network should be built by the municipalities. With this approach, the developer charges for connection to a home network will cost funny, compared to today, the cost.

Second, the Town Planning Code to the limit of the simplified procedure for the construction of individual developers. No need to make assessment of the project and develop a working draft. Thus, for individual developers bureaucratic hurdles are minimal.

And third, the governor exercised his right to allocate land free of charge to citizens. In fact, this is not news. Many actors DFOT passed laws on the free allocation of land, but they apply only to certain categories of citizens - for civil servants on physicians to beneficiaries for teachers to fire victims. In our case, a decision is made. The law extends to only two categories, but whatever - for young families and families in which two children. This means that to get the land for free will and industrial workers, peasants and employees of businesses and all-all-all. This is exactly what many expected.

"I had a fear that we will focus on the construction of low-cost low-quality housing, and I have always been against it, - Says Sergey Fedorenko. - But in the coming months will be published a collection of low-rise construction sites already built in Primorye recommended for reuse. known that this collection will include not only the wooden frame and the building, but also a reliable monolithic brick house. "

The bill refers to the integrated development of the territory. This means that entire towns will be built with its schools, gardens, fire department and drug stores. For many already living in their homes remoteness from community facilities remains a major insurmountable problem - the proposed law is no such problem.

Certainly right and heads of cities that asked questions. For example, the mayor of Vladivostok IS Pushkarev, with hands-on experience in providing land to large families, gave a reasonable apprehension "and is there enough land in Vladivostok for everyone?". The mayor of the city of Artem V. Novikov quite rightly pointed out that the cost of the gasket main communications - this is a very decent money, which is not planned in the budget. The head of the district administration of Michael A. Chebotkov said that in fact free allocation of land - not free, because only one section of the survey of the local budget is required to spend about 50000 and where to get the money?

Heads of communities and settlements are right. But this law - from the category of the largest, rotary, Hist. And when there are big things, the inevitable inconsistencies. And what would they be overcome - you need a certain amount of time, effort. To work with the deputies, to adjust budgets. And this needs to be addressed. Because if you do not stop the general task of out-migration of the littoral - then who build gardens, schools, stadiums?

Опубликовано:   26-04-2013, 13:30      |      Категория:  eng news

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