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Candidates for mayor of Vladivostok from the "United Russia" People subjected to examination

Candidates for mayor of Vladivostok from the \"United Russia\" People subjected to examination

Seaside Regional Council supporters of the party "United Russia" initiated simultaneously with the preliminary internal party vote for an independent public examination of the candidates for nomination to the head of Vladivostok.

The project, which has already managed to get the title of "People's examination", will enable any city resident is not only to become an observer in the process of public inner-selection of candidates, but also to express their position in relation to their programs.

The essence of the "People's examination" is briefly as follows. From today on Online Primorye regional branch of the party "United Russia" will begin accepting applications for participation in the project. Those citizens who will determine the random number generator will be invited to the site intra-party voting. International experts will be able to ask their questions to the candidates and evaluate their programs, leaving the signature of one of them. The results of the "People's examination" will become a kind of alternative to the official results of intra-party voting.

The organizer of the project was the chairman of the Board of the party's supporters Christina Yatsenko, which decided to withdraw from the prior intra-party voting in favor of the wider public representation.

"The maximum openness and accessibility of all intra procedures - is the main theses, which the party is going in the coming presidential elections in Vladivostok. Council of the party's supporters can not stay away from such an important and significant event , - Explained Christina Yatsenko. - Our task choose the candidate who will represent the interests and sentiments of the majority of citizens. "

Опубликовано:   23-04-2013, 12:10      |      Категория:  eng news

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