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Energy "experiment on human beings" in the Maritime region was conceived as a means of saving

Energy \"experiment on human beings\" in the Maritime region was conceived as a means of saving

Recently, one of the most discussed in the Maritime region that was the future experiment with the payment of electricity at the so-called social norm.

Recall Primorsky Territory was one of the 16 regions where this summer will introduce a controversial innovation. The essence of it is that simple subscribers will pay for electricity at preferential prices within fixed monthly rate (eg 70 kW /h), and the entire amount consumed above, will be evaluated is much more expensive. For comments, the agency reports addressed to the State Duma of Vladivostok.

"The main objective of the introduction of a social norm - to promote the rational consumption of utilities. This is by no means a no no discrimination, no tightening against the population by improving the lives of business structures, as it is interpreted by many" - Commented the Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy Olga Vorozhbit. - "After all, the social norm - it is a specific number, which as yet, no one has identified. Her sets are not the government and the regions, and the Primorsky Krai establish this social norm for its people, and not someone else."

According to the authors of the experiment, the social norm should be substantiated by calculations that must take into account the peculiarities of energy consumption in the province. In this case, the project should be a division in the house where there is hot water, heated, and at home, where there is no such creature comforts (and people are forced to use the heater.)

"At the last" round table "was announced figure that on average a household in the Primorye consumes 302 square meters /hour, however, the rate is not calculated from the household and the individual. To remove social tension, it is necessary to calculate all, these calculations show the public so they know how much it would cost accommodation for one or two people. Also, if this economy, that is, whether there is hot water, whether it, or maybe there are more people living without heat, how much will it cost? " - Said Olga.

In addition, there are questions to JSC "DEK" - there are not yet ready to give a figure of power consumption because there is no comprehensive data on the number of both registered and by actually living in apartments: "There is still the question remains: to consider the number of registered persons, or by the number of residents, because the fact of living and the fact of registration - it's completely different figures. Indeed, there are apartments that are rented in hiring, or situations where the person is registered in the apartment, and generally live in another country. "

Olga Vorozhbit also expressed concern over who would set the price for excess sotsnormy: "There is a phrase that is all very concerned about, including me," sverhsotsialnaya rate will be charged according to the tariffs economically justified. "But the business case - it's a thing that can lead to unpredictable results. After all, who would set the tariff If this is the natural monopolies, such as our "DGC", then for their control must constantly monitor the antitrust service. Indeed, the economic justification must be not only economic but also political and social.'ve got to be very careful, because this affects every social norm inhabitant ".

It should be noted that the introduction of a social norm electricity was introduced by the Government of the Russian Federation in November 2012. According to this decree was approved by the state program "Providing affordable comfortable housing and communal services of Russian citizens." The program has identified a number of activities, among which bore the promotion of sustainable consumption of public services, to which the project is the social norm of power consumption.

I should add that confusion Primorye new order has reached such a level that the governor issued an order suspending Miklushevsky preparing to transfer the edge of a new scheme to fully identify all the "gotchas" and social risks.

Опубликовано:   17-04-2013, 18:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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