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A representative delegation of parliamentarians and financiers from the Republic of Korea met with Vladivostok

A representative delegation of parliamentarians and financiers from the Republic of Korea met with Vladivostok Photo: Administration of Vladivostok.

Today, April 12 the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev had a meeting with a representative of official delegation of parliamentarians and financiers from the Republic of Korea, headed by chairman of the National Policy of the National Assembly of the country (the analog of the State Duma of the Russian Federation), Kim Jong-hoon.

The meeting was attended by the deputy head of the administration of Vladivostok Roman Pockets, Head of International Relations and Tourism of the city administration Vladimir Saprykin and adviser to the head of Vladivostok Vladimir Zakharov.

Korean side was represented by the leaders of the largest financial and investment institutions of this country - the bank "Uri" companies "Korea Western Power", "Sustinvest", "Chung Mok", "Groo", and the Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok, Li Yan Gu.

Curiously, a year ago, April 112012 in South Korea, elections of deputies of the 19th convocation of the National Assembly. Impressive victory for them, receiving half of mandates won Senuri conservative political party, which includes current and guests of Vladivostok - Kim Jeong Hoon. This special anniversary, he met in Vladivostok, which is especially symbolic. In addition, as noted in the course of the conversation, Igor Pushkarev, electoral district, where he ran Kim Jeong Hoon, is Busan - the sister city of Vladivostok.

"Mutually beneficial relationships with the cities of Vladivostok Republic of Korea for many years formed particularly dynamic and constructive, - said Igor Pushkarev. - An example of a profitable investment was at the time the opening of the first hotel in Vladivostok international level -" Hyundai ", and today in our city successfully operating plant "Sollers" assembly of South Korean cars, opening of foreign automobile corporations in this country, are developing other joint ventures, enhanced communication for small and medium businesses. maximum We are interested in further expansion of economic, cultural and tourism ties. "

Kim Jeong Hoon, for his part, said that the government and businesses Korea also consider Beijing as one of the key points in the development of cooperation with the Far East - one of the most dynamic and promising regions of Russia. He also wished to name a street in Busan Vladivostok and Primorye in the capital, respectively - Busan, further consolidate the two twinned cities.

According to Igor Pushkarev, the implementation of this proposal is very real - this name can get a street in one of the new neighborhoods of Vladivostok, which is currently being built in the capital of Primorye enviable pace.

The participants in the Vladivostok Administration exchanged views on constructive cooperation in various fields of politics, economy, education, and trade. One of the factors contributing to this development may be the organization of a joint coordination council on the implementation of investment projects, which will include representatives of government and business organizations.

Опубликовано:   12-04-2013, 15:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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