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This year the Victory Parade was first held in Vladivostok "column descendants"

This year the Victory Parade was first held in Vladivostok \"column descendants\"

Victory Day Vladivostok residents can carry portraits of relatives - veterans - at the central square.

This year's Victory Day parade held on Svetlanskaya the same route as in the past. Columns of troops and equipment will be formed in the region of the Aleutian and will proceed from there up the main street. Veterans and guests can watch the parade from the stands, which will set the monument. All chairs adorn symbolic ribbons. For the first time in this year's parade will take part column in Vladivostok.

"We want the residents of our city - and yet almost everyone in the family were veterans - The column of the portraits of their relatives. We encourage those who wish to apply to the Department of Culture with pictures of his grandparents, great-grandparents, we will do the signs with a picture, showing the front, where the ancestor fought. A V-Day will form colonies residents - in Aleutian, near the Museum of Arseniev, "Grey Horse". And then, after military equipment, this peaceful convoy starts moving.

Every year, we are less and less veterans, but we have to remember them. My family always goes. And I encourage everyone to join. By the way, we can even create a column of battles - veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow, Kursk. Would love to as many people responded to our initiative, " - Shared with the correspondent of IA Primore24 Mayor Igor Pushkarev.

It remains to add that the parade Svetlanskaya will be blocked. As well as the Aleutian and Ocean Avenue to the shopping center "Emerald". The exact schedule will be announced closer to ceiling by May 9.

Опубликовано:   9-04-2013, 14:50      |      Категория:  eng news

Free phone will be able to communicate with loved ones and fellow soldiers veterans on Victory Day Primorye
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In the near future there will be a children's playground.
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