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Norms of consumption of heat in Primorye have counted on the demand of the Governor

At the meeting held on 4 April administration Primorye with the participation of Vice-Governors and experts of regional department, Vladimir Miklushevsky asked the officials to announce the results of the inspection requirements of the situation in Partizansk.

Norms of consumption of heat in Primorye have counted on the demand of the Governor

Heat regulations must be converted

"You know, we had a state of emergency - in no other word, partisan, when residents got mad bills due to a broken common parts. I gave the job to check all the regulations, because it is unclear why they are disproportionate in Partizansk others ", - said Vladimir Miklushevsky

A report on this subject by the director of the Department of Housing and fuel supplies Victor Kulinsky.
According to him, there was a state of emergency because of the heat meter obschedomovyh broke and had to bill for standards. They did not consider social benefits and as a result people Partizansk got bills to heat shocking figures.

Victor Kulinsky assured the audience that the standards in Primorye are calculated for each municipality, given the number of low-rise buildings, geographic location and other factors. In partisan these numbers are not higher than in other areas. Moreover, if in some areas to offset possible on standards, the fee will increase to residents. Victor Kulinsky said that in Primorye one of the lowest ratios in the country.

Vladimir Miklushevsky spoke strongly against even the slightest payment for heat. According to him, the average person does not have to deal with the federal laws and spend time dealing with unscrupulous community services - it is the task of the authorities.

Governor instructed officials to urgently review all existing heating consumption standards and strengthen the work on installing obschedomovyh meters, which, it turned out, at times cutting costs for residents of the region - said VestiRegion.ru press office of the governor of Primorye.

Опубликовано:   5-04-2013, 03:40      |      Категория:  eng news

GIMS employees raided the coast of Vladivostok and the Russian island of
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In Spassky - Far in the campaign
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Social workers in Spassk-Far invite organizations and businesses to take part in the charity "Help get ready for school." Low-income families to help raise their children to school aim of the charity...
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Region Prosecutor's Office determined that rkovodstvom Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the terms of the employment contract were recruited citizens, replaces the previously...
On Monday in Vladivostok will continue off the hot water
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However, the same Monday hot water should return to apartment dwellers Soviet, part Pervorechenskij and Lenin, and Pershamaiski Frunze district......
In Primorye, eliminates the effects of the cyclone
25-07-2013, 15:00, eng news
July 25 at 02 hours and 40 minutes to the Center for Crisis Management received a message from the head of the district Terneysky that as a result of the passage of the cyclone and heavy rainfall,...
In Vladivostok, the driver left the road on the old woman broke her leg in his bus
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On Wednesday, August 14 at the stop "Avenue of the 100th anniversary of Vladivostok" to bus number 102 came 78-year-old woman. The bus driver made a sharp maneuver, in which the pensioner fell and...
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In Primorye, arrested a gang of "black lumberjacks." Damage caused by their activities amounted to 11 million rubles. The damage caused by illegal logging - 11 million rubles route for illegal timber...
In Russia there are a number of targeted programs to subsidize
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In Russia there are a number of targeted programs to subsidize the transport, in particular, the program for residents of the Far East, which operates since 2009. Experts believe that it is necessary...
Developers have pledged to end the registration of 15 July
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Developers are committed to the July 15 finish the paperwork for home and contract of sale of an apartment for a veteran. According to the department of labor and social development of the Primorsky...
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JSC "VimpelCom" (brand "Beeline") announces the launch of the service "Internet for a Day" for mobile Internet users......

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