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Minors in Ussuriysk robbed pensioners

Minors in Ussuriysk robbed pensioners
Teens from Ussuriysk detained by police on "hot pursuit"
robbery pensioner
involved in the commission of
10 similar crimes. 17-year-old college freshman production and his 16-year-old friend, secondary school student, accused of
series of robberies in women of advanced age.

As explained
police spokesman MOI of Russia for the Primorye Territory Eugene Sokovishin
Detained suspects
after their
got, probably the biggest production ever
life: a purse was more than 20 thousand. The money belonged to 80-year-
was returning home from the bank. Roam on stolen funds managed company. Rather than dispose of finances
at its discretion,
were in the police department of the Ussuri.

It turned out that the attackers
involved in a series of property crimes in the Ussuri urban district.
Originality are no different: in the street snatched
an elderly woman and ran away. According to the agreement, one of them was watching the situation, and the other to carry out attacks.

Of handbags they stole cell phones and
funds, which are then spent on their needs. Bags themselves and are in their documents robbers are discarded in secluded areas.
They conspired together to commit robbery older women, so you can easily overcome their resistance and to profit the objects in their property.

At present the case to conduct further proceedings. Installed victims. For all the facts known to the police of street robberies prosecuted.

Опубликовано:   27-02-2013, 03:10      |      Категория:  eng news

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