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In the fire depot will be specialized

In the fire depot will be specialized In the fire depot will be specialized training base, consisting of heat and дымокамеры, as well as the educational tower, necessary for testing the strength and agility of fire. As told in the Department for civil defense, emergency situations and fire safety of the Primorsky territory, construction of a new depot will allow firefighters to arrive at the scene of the incident in the standard time that will help prevent tragedies. In addition, will be increased staff of the fire brigade of up to 45 people. It is planned that the new depot will provide fire safety of not only the Edge of the village, and the adjacent settlements. For the new depot already purchased three cars of the raised passableness, new семнадцатиметровые stairs to extinguish a five-storey buildings. As described in the Department of civil protection of Primorsky Krai, implemented in Primorye regional long-term target program «Fire safety for 2013 - 2017». The main goal of the program is creation and provision of necessary conditions for improvement of fire safety of objects, life and health protection of population, reduction of financial losses from fires and also to enhance the readiness of forces and means of fire-prevention service. So, from 2013 to 2017 in the region it is planned to build 25 new fire stations and the regional training center for firefighters. In 128 settlements will be opened fire departments. The programme also includes development of the system of warning and automation of the processes of prevention of emergency situations. Such modernization will allow to produce an alert in 34 municipalities simultaneously or selectively, and reduce the time to inform the population about the fire up to 3-5 minutes. The whole complex of measures meant to reduce the number of fires in the objects of economy and towns of Krai on 10 percent, to create the necessary conditions for the successful evacuation of people during fires.

The press-service of the Primorsky territory Administration

Опубликовано:   24-06-2013, 17:15      |      Категория:  eng news

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