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One of Moscow's plans to shoot a TV studio in Vladivostok

One of Moscow's plans to shoot a TV studio in Vladivostok One of Moscow's plans to shoot a TV studio in Vladivostok series about the students of the Maritime State University for the TNT channel. As RIA «VladNews» the press service of the Vladivostok Administration for help in organizing the filming in the seaside capital "movie people" appealed to Mayor Igor Pushkarev. Today, the mayor met with one of the authors of the project, creative producer Alexei Fedorov, and discussed the idea of the series of Vladivostok on a popular federal TV channel. It is interesting that the very Alexei Fedorov - a native of Vladivostok. His career started back in Vladivostok KVN team. On account of his scripts dozens of commercials, several movies ("Christmas Tree", "Jungle", "Freaks"). After meeting with the head of Vladivostok, Alexei Fyodorov said how much the city has changed for the better. "I have not been here for five years. And now having arrived, I was just amazed at how the city has changed! What stunning views! This is a must-see. Vladivostok - the city in which you want to make a film, "- said the writer. Fedorov shared his idea - remove Vladivostok series about students' seminary, "the current of the Maritime State University. Nevel. One of the Moscow studios interested in this project. It is assumed that the series will be shown on a popular TV channel TNT. Igor Pushkarev strongly supported the idea, noting that this project will serve to show the whole country from within the city, its life and beauty. "Vladivostok can be proud to have something to show to the world. With that, it's not just about the urban landscapes, although they undoubtedly will decorate any movie. The city life is in full swing, there are many interesting people, fascinating stories. I therefore all hands "for" this project! For its part, the city government will do everything possible to help the film-making process, "- said the head of the city than the capital encouraged the writer. Alexei Fyodorov said that the administration is very much needed assistance, especially with regard to filming in public places or urban sites. Already a few days ago the mayor promised to arrange a meeting with the rector of the writer MSU. Nevel Sergei Ogaem to be able to place in the university, to see and discuss the process of shooting the series of Vladivostok cadets. Alexei Fedorov also shared another of his idea. "I think it would be very cool to shoot a full-length movie in Vladivostok. Dynamic, action-packed, in the style of "Carrier" and "Adrenaline". Vladivostok is worthy to shoot movies are really cool, "- he said. More than an hour Igor Pushkarev and Alexei Fedorov discussed various cultural projects that already existed or will be implemented in Vladivostok. In conclusion the writer has presented the head of the city drives with comedy films, written by him. One of Moscow's plans to shoot a TV studio in Vladivostok One of Moscow's plans to shoot a TV studio in Vladivostok One of Moscow's plans to shoot a TV studio in Vladivostok One of Moscow's plans to shoot a TV studio in Vladivostok One of Moscow's plans to shoot a TV studio in Vladivostok

Опубликовано:   21-08-2013, 13:47      |      Категория:  eng news

Combine school feeding Vladivostok working with impaired
16-03-2013, 13:50, eng news
According to the prosecutor's office here will check compliance with the labor laws of the safety......
На улице Магнитогорской во Владивостоке начались работы по перекладке тепломагистрали
22-06-2013, 22:02, eng news
В связи с проведением ОАО «ДГК» работ по перекладке тепломагистрали по улице Магнитогорской с 00 часов 22 июня ограничено движение и парковка транспортных средств по автомобильной дороге,...
In Primorye, arrested a gang of drug traffickers who sold hashish in a military settlement
17-04-2013, 13:00, eng news
Number of criminal cases related to attempted sale, preparation for sale and illegal possession of drugs, which are planned to combine in one......
Fire in Vladivostok on September 18 Birch Street
19-09-2013, 11:16, eng news
Fire in Vladivostok on Birch Street on September 18 at 0054 in the remote Fire Department received a report of Vladivostok on fire in an apartment on Birch Street. After 6 minutes the place of fire...
By popular demand of passengers and to improve
11-07-2013, 17:48, eng news
By popular demand of passengers and to improve the quality of service decided to increase the amount of rolling stock on the route number 15 to "Labour - SC Emerald - Labor." Here tomorrow, July 12...
The girl jumped off a bridge across the Golden Horn, was a minor
28-08-2013, 14:45, eng news
Tuesday, August 27 the girl climbed onto the guard rails of the bridge across the Golden Horn and jumped off them into the waters of the Gulf of Peter the Great. The deceased was a resident of a...
Monument - WORKING plant
6-09-2013, 18:31, eng news
Monument - WORKING plant "Metalist" who fell in the battles of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. (Street Arsenyev, 2), which was renovated in Vladivostok. In the early days of the war with Nazi...
In the capital of Primorye killed 37-year-old woman
17-06-2013, 11:00, eng news
June 14 this year in Vladivostok in the elevator, the elevator in the house on Avenue of the Red Banner was found 40-year-old man with signs of strangulation, he was taken to the hospital. In...
In Primorye to long-term imprisonment sentenced local
28-06-2013, 16:47, eng news
In Primorye to long-term imprisonment, sentenced a local resident for the use of violent acts of a sexual nature to young children. As has told to the correspondent of RIA «VladNews» senior assistant...
In the detention center Ussuriysk teenager found hanged
20-03-2013, 10:00, eng news
In Primorye, prosecutors launched a probe into the death in prison of Ussuriysk 17-year-old found hanged in the chamber on Tuesday, March 19. In Primorye jail hanged teenager According to the press...

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