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Works are conducted during the night, when it falls off

Works are conducted during the night, when it falls off Works are conducted during the night, when it falls off the intensity of traffic. But in the night time to work interfere with parked vehicles. Perform the planned scope of work the previous night, the road workers prevented большегруз, whose driver had parked along the curb on the Central street of Vladivostok. Find the driver on the number provided on the back, could not - a truck registered to a private company. However, road services laid about 300 tons of asphalt. Laying the base layer of asphalt concrete was preceded by extensive work on the dismantling of the tram tracks, the installation of border stone and stacking of a leveling layer of asphalt, and also replacement of the order of 50 designs hatches of engineering nets and lattices of storm sewers. After the completion of asphalting on Svetlanskaya street cause the road markings and install road signs, dismantled during the repair works.

Опубликовано:   26-06-2013, 21:30      |      Категория:  eng news

Владивостокские чиновники отделались штрафом за растрату бюджета на увеселительную поездку в Гонконг
22-06-2013, 22:45, eng news
Уголовное дело было рассмотрено судом в особом порядке......
The townspeople, who like to dig into the engine rebuild
12-08-2013, 16:38, eng news
The townspeople, who like to dig into the engine, restore, and modify old cars still give their preference to the Japanese models of the early 90's. In Vladivostok, the first truly comfortable and...
The tax burden in Russia will grow in the next 5 years
19-03-2013, 02:43, eng news
The total tax burden in Russia will not increase until 2018 said Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov during a tax conference at the Russian Business Week......
В лиге участвуют команды, прошедшие в плей-офф Кубка
4-07-2013, 14:16, eng news
В лиге участвуют команды, прошедшие в плей-офф Кубка Приморского края. Начало игр в 18:30. Список участвующих команд: 1. ПСРЗ 2. «Фанклуб Димы Сахарова» 3. «Мячин» 4. FCDB 5. Sky Angels 6. Ghost 7....
Press - service of JSC
9-08-2013, 17:17, eng news
Press - service of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" in his report on August 8 officially announced written in the Far East branch of JSC "Aeroflot". The task of the Far Eastern branch of the largest...
Final race
20-08-2013, 18:32, eng news
On Wednesday, August 21 will be the final race of the regatta "Cup of Vladivostok." Presumably the two races will be held in classrooms «Platu 25" and "Konrad 25R". The gap between the leaders in...
For outstanding academic achievement Igor Pushkarev awarded scholarships to 150 students
17-05-2013, 16:20, eng news
Among the recipients - students in grades 9-11 public school in Vladivostok. It Vladivostok honors, took first place in competitions at various levels. (PHOTOS)......
The festival
18-04-2013, 16:00, eng news
Gala concert of the Youth Arts Festival "Student Spring - 2013" will be held at the Municipal Cultural Center Finds April 18......
An unexpected continuation got a case of «American
6-06-2013, 22:45, eng news
An unexpected continuation got a case of «American guest workers» - a us citizen Angela CBT, which some time ago in the American corner library. Gorky in Vladivostok taught English. In may this year,...
The four men killed in Vladivostok local
12-07-2013, 14:46, eng news
The investigating authorities in Primorye have completed work on the criminal case against four men in 198219821984 and 1965 birth. Four men go on trial for murder, depending on the roles of each are...

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