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New head coach, "Ray-Energy" was Alexander Grigoryan

New head coach, "Ray-Energy" was the former coach "SKA-Energia" Alexander Grigoryan. 46-year-old has signed a contract with the club for one year.

New head coach, "Ray-Energy" was Alexander Grigoryan

Alexander Grigoryan

Seasonal 2012-2013 Alexander Grigoryan began in Khabarovsk, but in winter all of a sudden had to leave the "SKA-Energia", although the army team that time were on the 3rd place in the First Division Championship. Winter Grigoryan led Pyatigorsk club "Mashuk-KMV," in which he worked until the end of the season (the team finished in 5th place in the area "South").

Konstantin Emelyanov, whose candidacy was also seen to remain in the coaching staff, "Ray-Energy", and soon will go first to study in Moscow, and after an internship, most likely in Germany. This is due to the fact that it is no license PRO.

It should be noted that by the end of last season, "Luch", gaining 62 points, won first place in the area of East Second Division championship of Russia and returned to the First Division championship.

New head coach, "Ray-Energy" was Alexander Grigoryan

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On medication for cancer patients in Primorye spent 90 million rubles
21-06-2013, 17:31, eng news
Since the beginning of the year to Primorye, with cancer drugs purchased almost 90 million rubles. The money allocated for these purposes from the regional and federal budgets. In Primorye, there are...
15 members of the crew of the submarine
18-09-2013, 13:16, eng news
All 15 crew members of the nuclear submarine "Tomsk", which were sent to the hospital on Monday after a fire at a submarine discharged. APL "Tomsk" After a thorough medical examination, doctors no...
Teenager in Primorye shrapnel wounds
4-06-2013, 19:32, eng news
In the central hospital Partizansk with numerous shrapnel wounds received 14-year-old boy. Teenager in Primorye shrapnel wounds Telephone message from the hospital came late on Monday, June 3. The...
The region intermittent rain in places, storm. Wind
19-08-2013, 12:16, eng news
The region intermittent rain in places, storm. Wind northwest moderate. Low temperature of 22 30 ° C. In Vladivostok, partly cloudy, no precipitation. Wind northwest moderate. Air temperature 25 27...
The next public meeting of the advisory council
25-07-2013, 21:01, eng news
The next public meeting of the advisory council for the development of tourism in Primorye held in the Primorsky Territory Administration. One of the key issues discussed during the meeting - the...
Vladivostok hockey season and finished the season began repairing hockey boxes
15-03-2013, 08:09, eng news
School playgrounds and houses adjoining to the boxes of finished ice season. Now I have to wait for the next season or, or use rinks with artificial turf......
Hundreds of signatures for the hospice had no effect on the administration official Primorye
26-03-2013, 11:40, eng news
The head of the health department of the seaside Oleg Bubnov said hundreds of people who have subscribed for the creation of the province of hospice care. However, this "answer" left more questions......
Wanted polite, neat, experienced drivers with no
22-07-2013, 19:32, eng news
Wanted polite, neat, experienced drivers with no bad habits. For you - a stable operation at excellent transportation, social security, decent wages! Drivers are provided uniforms. Call! Tel:...
Environmental projects in Vladivostok may become international
10-04-2013, 13:50, eng news
Technologies offered by the city corporation "Palingenesis Manufactoring Inc", allows you to convert garbage into compressed blocks that can be used as a full-building material. (PHOTOS)......
Sberbank to refinance loans
12-04-2013, 17:00, eng news
Sberbank continues action "refinance loans" - canceled the commission for granting loans to pay off existing debt with other banks......

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