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Today in the building of the newspaper «Vladivostok» on

Today in the building of the newspaper «Vladivostok» on Today in the building of the newspaper «Vladivostok» on the National Avenue hosted an informal meeting of the mayor of Vladivostok with journalists. Waiting for employees of mass media, how creative people, included songs Garik Sukachev, that in the near future will visit the seaside capital. Actually, when the head of the city came into the conference room, the songs were still playing. Music has not been interrupted, as the workers of mass-media from the threshold asked the head of the city first question: «what is your attitude to the creativity of Garik?» «Garik I really like. Not all the songs, of course, but many like. But the first place I would put the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky, - said the mayor. - In my rating of favorite performers Vysotsky is on the first place, and Garik - on the second!» And then by «sharks of a feather» immediately followed by a second question - when Vladivostok will see the monument to Vysotsky, about which so much was said. The journalists were shocked by the answer: it turns out that in the coming days in Krasnoyarsk finish work on the monument to Vladimir Semenovich, after which the monument will be installed in the center of Vladivostok. «Today and tomorrow monument, cast in Krasnoyarsk, in the workshop, which created all conditions for work, - said Igor Pushkarev. on June 12 a monument will already be forwarded to Vladivostok. Soon, very soon it will appear in our city, and will be installed in the Theatrical square, just below the Gorky theatre. It is gratifying that as a sculptor made a young guy, our local. For two years we have worked to this monument have looked all sculptures of Vladimir Semenovich that are in the country. Unfortunately, those that have not passed his image. We looked sculptors and artists from different cities of Russia, but did not see them in full and the whole image of Vladimir Vysotsky. Our goal is to make the monument a monumental and grandiose, and humanly «alive». Therefore, our, Vladivostok Vysotsky is not necessary with a guitar, and sits. I can say that it will be the best monument in the country. Besides, he will musical near it will be installed speakers, of whom around the clock will sound the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. To any person, is a connoisseur of the creative work of our Barda, could come into the Park, listen to his songs and think about life. After all, the songs of Vysotsky as the Bible, provide clues in any situation - whether good, hard. They are always relevant. And everyone hears in them something of their own, human, native. After all, the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky's life, correct, strong» As the mayor of the columns will be installed so that the songs of Russian bard will be heard only near the monument. Music will not interfere with people working in the neighbouring buildings. But spiritual music Vysotsky you can listen to round-the-clock and in any weather, in spite of the season. You will just come, listen to your favorite songs, to think about something and relax the mind. Source: Egor Ivanov, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   5-06-2013, 20:17      |      Категория:  eng news

Today, July 22 live on radio was a new VBC
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On Sunday kartodrome
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In late 2012 - early 2013 Sberbank of Russia brought to market a new credit products, which quickly became popular among the customers......
Head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev congratulated members of the public with disabilities
23-05-2013, 19:20, eng news
For high professionalism, assistance in adaptation and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, ensuring the protection of their rights and legal interests and active participation in public life...
Primorye MPs willing to consider funding the hospice
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If the initiator of the meeting with the governor of the hospice head of the region approves the idea, it will be possible to say that the hospice will allocate funds from the regional budget......
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Doctors Vladivostok Clinical Hospital № 2 better known as "tysyachekoechnaya" blood transfusions without the involvement of the donor with the new equipment. Apparatus for filtering «Cell Saver +5»...
General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Primorsky Krai strongly
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General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Primorsky Krai strongly recommends that you always follow the rules of fire safety and do not abuse alcohol. Remember, smoking is...
In Primorye, for riot policeman struck and killed a woman given 2 years of settlement
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While agreeing with the prosecutor, the court found the defendant guilty and sentenced him for what he did to 2 years of imprisonment in a penal colony......
Bikers season 2013 opened today in Vladivostok
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Participants motorcycle clubs and bikers single for a few hours have gathered in the center to see people and be seen. (PHOTOS)......

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