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"Pallada" is sent from Singapore to Busan

\"Pallada\" is sent from Singapore to Busan Photo: Dal'rybvtuz

May 62013 UPS "Pallada" moored at berth passenger terminal, opposite the "pearl" of the island of Sentosa, Singapore.

After a long period of transition cadets up, hungry for land, was fired into the city. May 7 aboard the ship visited the Consul of Russia in the Republic of Singapore Moses LP with a group of embassy employees. On the same day on board the ship met the rector DGTRU Kim G. the rector of the Singapore Maritime Academy, Roland Tan, they have signed an agreement on cooperation between the two universities. O8 May 2013 the crew invited to the Russian Embassy to the event dedicated to the 68th anniversary of the Victory Day. The event was attended by representatives of the embassies of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Mongolia evening to celebrate the "Day of Victory" was opened by Ambassador of the Russian Federation Mosaic LP Captain UPS "Pallada" Tolovikov SA also delivered a speech and presented on behalf of the employees of the Embassy of the crew picture, with views of the city of Vladivostok. After the end of the official part was presented a concert buffet.

May 92013 aboard STS "Pallada" solemn construction crew of students after the speech captain raised Gosflag the Russian Federation under the Russian national anthem. Then the photo shoot took place at the memory. At 1000 UPS "Pallada" under escort pilot and two tugboats moved away from the dock and began to follow the exit of the port of Singapore. The upper deck was built by cadets composition, passing the narrowest part of the strait, on a promontory among the mourners were employees of the Russian Embassy. For the mourners was made a volley of cannon and sound signals are fed to ship by Typhon. After passing the Strait of narrowness, and went out into the vastness of the South - China Sea, the ship took the course at the next port of Busan (South Korea). The planned visit is expected on May 25.

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