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In the "Savings Bank Business ONL @ dh" in Primorye registered ten thousandth customer

In the \"Savings Bank Business ONL @ dh\" in Primorye registered ten thousandth customer Photo: Savings

In Primorye in the online banking system for legal entities "Savings Business ONL @ dh" registered 10000 th customer. They became the "Business GRAND", a subsidiary of the group of companies "META", which owns a network of supermarkets "5 +".

Presenting the commemorative certificate Alexey Demin, the owner of the group of companies "META", Managing Primorsky branch of "Sberbank of Russia Olga Dolgov thanked for the trust to the Savings Bank, and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation.

- We continuously strive to make service to our corporate customers a quick, easy and convenient - stressed Olga. - system of Internet banking "Savings Business ONL @ dh" came just two years ago, and we congratulate the ten thousandth customer, and it is only in the Primorye Territory. Dynamics Connections speaks for itself, and the functionality of the system is constantly evolving and improving.

In the \"Savings Bank Business ONL @ dh\" in Primorye registered ten thousandth customer

- For us, one of the main requirements for remote banking services is security - says CEO "Business GRAND" Anastasia Shamanaeva. - So closely acquainted with the methods of protection "Savings Business ONL @ dh" of computer fraud, we do not think long steel and connected to the system. surprise and speed, user-friendly interface, and the presence of many useful features.

system "Savings Business ONL @ dh" allows the enterprise in real-time to carry out a wide range of financial transactions from any computer connected to the Internet. Operations in it are protected by user authentication mechanisms and validation of documents one-time passwords. functional system includes a reception and processing of payment documents, obtaining complete information about account transactions and current balances, receive electronic documents and messaging with applications files.

Опубликовано:   18-04-2013, 09:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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