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Igor Pushkarev retreat held on the preparation of Vladivostok May 9

Igor Pushkarev retreat held on the preparation of Vladivostok May 9

The head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev retreat held and inspects the concludingevents dedicated to Victory Day.

Home Chapter of the capital with the area of Revolution Fighters, where he discussed with the head of the Vladivostok garrison Maj. Gen. Sergei Pushkin parade of troops and military equipment, which, like last year, will be held on Svetlanskaya - the main street of the city.

The event, in conjunction with the Pacific Fleet, was the hallmark of the Victory Day celebrations in Vladivostok. A plan for training, on matters concerning safety. As noted by the representatives of the Pacific Fleet, this year is not enough people to cordon the place of the parade. Igor Pushkarev suggested that the warriors and volunteers. The mayor ordered to report to him personally about the problems and issues arising in the preparation of, perhaps, the most important event in the city.

This year's celebrations and festivities will begin on May 6. On the instructions of the mayor had done a lot of preparatory work - this year Igor Pushkarev ordered to organize a large-scale and colorful celebration of May 9 to provide new activities and to use the new urban area. In the city administration had several extended meetings organizing committees, which were attended by the deputy commander of the Pacific Fleet Anatoly Zelinsky, chairman of the city council of veterans Jacob Kahn, law enforcement, administration specialists.

Continued to retreat, head of Vladivostok in Victory Park near the edges of the Youth House. On the eve of May 9 is traditionally held the solemn and festive events. This year was no exception. However, in addition to traditional events this year the mayor Igor Pushkarev ordered to open the avenue of Heroes. It was made by specialists are now working. Avenue of Heroes - a 23 granite stars, engraved with names of 200 Heroes of the Soviet Union and eight names of Hero of Russia, established in Victory Park. Today Mayor together with the chairman of the city council of veterans James Kahn praised first set design.

In addition, on the initiative of the city's Victory Park on the wall at the Youth House is set large titanium star, which the mayor has presented one of the plants. As the chief artist of the city Shugurov Paul, the star made in the Soviet era and is artistic value. This idea was supported by Jacob G. Kahn.

In addition to the grand opening on May 7th avenue Heroes in Victory Park will be a festive event for veterans and residents of the city will be working field kitchen.

"Our main task - to surround with care and attention veterans. , - Said Igor Pushkarev. - Vladivostok - a city of military glory, a city-warrior, so the event should be worthy of the Great Victory. This year, in Vladivostok will be many new ceremonies and celebrations. The celebration will begin May 667 and 8 in the park - the admiral, Sukhanov park honorary citizens will play brass bands. Celebration will conclude on May 9 in the central square of a concert and colorful fireworks. In addition to the square, fireworks will be launched in three more points Vladivostok. After the military parade for the veterans prepared traditional soldier's porridge. This year's scheduled another event, which is open to all interested citizens. I appeal to all people of the city, as the war touched everyone, every family has a grandfather, great-grandfather, who fought, take their picture, please contact us, we can help make a big picture on the front, which you can complete in a column on Svetlanskaya after parade. My family will participate. With photo-grandfather, who fought in the column residents go son. We must always remember this victory, which went to a heavy price to prevent war in the future. "

Igor Pushkarev also added that all the participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War is April 22 will be awarded to the city not only greeting cards, and gifts of money. 1180 people will receive from the mayor of three thousand rubles.

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