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March 8 Dalnerechensk man killed a woman hit on the head

Women's day ended in tragedy Dalnerechensk.

March 8 Dalnerechensk man killed a woman hit on the head

In March 8 Dalnerechensk murdered young woman

March 8 young woman and her common-law husband and his brother were drinking alcohol. After midnight, a woman and a 47-year-old brother quarreled law husband, the man grabbed an ax and struck the woman in the head.

From injuries she died. Now the suspect is in custody, according to this criminal case under the article of the Criminal Code, "the intentional infliction of serious bodily injury resulting in the death of the victim."

In the criminal case to examine a witness, a forensic examination. The criminal investigation is ongoing - said VestiRegion.ru Senior Assistant Head of Department of Justice, Major Roman Aurora.

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All 4 seaside pair: 2 for men (И.Величко/Margit,
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The world's first reconstruction of the Khasan events held in Primorye
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In the south of Primorye all reminiscent of the bloody battles at Lake Khasan. On the territory there are 60 monuments of the dead Red Army soldiers. Several villages, for example, Makhalino...
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Woman driver killed herself in Vladivostok
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Even arrive in time to the place of "first aid" could not save the victim - injuries were too severe......
Vladivostok Airport passenger traffic in February 2013 increased by 11%
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