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Gorki Theater Theatre on vacation. The opening of the season

Gorki Theater Theatre on vacation. The opening of the season Gorki Theater Theatre on vacation. The opening of the season - in September. YOUTH THEATRE Evening performances. July 27 - "Bluff" July 28 - "Family Portrait with banknotes" (16 +), start at 1800. For children. 19 July 26 - "Silver Hoof," July 27 - "Ghost Ship", 28 - "The Adventures of Chuck" (3 +), start at 1100. PUPPET THEATRE July 27 - "The Three Little Pigs," July 28 - "Gingerbread Man" (3 +) at 1200. Small stage. July 28 - "Thumbelina" (3 +), beginning at 1000. PRIMORSKAYA PHILHARMONIC for children. July 26. Small Hall. Children's music program, "The wolf and the seven kids in a new way", beginning at 1100. 27 July 28 - at 1200. July 27. Small Hall. The concert program "In the arms of Summer." Philharmonic performing songs by Soviet composers of summer. Beginning at 1830. July 28. Small Hall. Variety program "Under the Roofs of Paris". Philharmonic performing songs by French composers, arias from operas and operettas, which takes place in Paris. Beginning at 1830. VLADIVOSTOK CIRCUS July 27 at 1200 and 1600 July 28 at 1600 - Circus «VITALI» with the program "Salute to the stars." Performers «VITALI» - winners of international festivals in Monte Carlo, Lima, Budapest and others. Director and Art Director - People's Artist of Russia, a member of the Academy of Circus Arts Vitaly Vorobyov. The program numbers involving animals - combat and lightning nosuh and raccoons, the world's first trained maine coon, jumping from 9 meters high, mischievous poodles, insidious boas, as well as the unique number of the bears under the big top without insurance! In addition, breathtaking stunts performed by acrobats, tightrope walkers on the American "wheel of death" and acrobats to counter extreme swings. Arsenyev Museum (20 Svetlanskaya) Exhibition "Russian China." The exhibition "Faith. Hope. Manchuria. " The exhibition "Wag the fans." Permanent exhibitions and displays (16 +). HOUSE - MUSEUM OF FAMILY Sukhanov's Solo Exhibition of Michael Baryshko "Drawn by fire." The exhibition features over 30 works by the author: landscapes and illustrations, executed in a unique technique of burning wood - pyrography. Most of these works are exhibited for the first time by the author (12 +). EXHIBITION CENTER Peter the Great, 6 exhibition "Look at Vladivostok." Exhibition of wooden sculptures by Igor Zhilin "Country Pinocchio. Wooden world "(3 +). GALLERY "ARKA" Exhibition Valery Shapranova «№ 270". The exposition will be about 20 works from the series "Labyrinth", "limitless" and "Romans" (12 +). MUSEUM OF MODERN ART "Artetage" Exhibition "Zapovednoe sea", devoted to the Far Eastern Sea State Nature Biosphere Reserve, FEB RAS. SHOWROOM PRIMORSKOGO Union of Artists Exhibition of paintings of Nicholas Zhogoleva (16 +). ART GALLERY Exhibition of works by Marc Chagall (16 +). The exhibition "Beauty, girls and other persons" (12 +). CENTER FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH CREATIVITY exhibition "Masters and newcomers" (3 +). DESIGN FACTORY "Zarya" interactive exhibition «Dreams2» (16 +). SHOWROOM "Underground" Exhibition of photographs "City by the Sea" (16 +). EDUCATION AND SCIENCE MUSEUM Palo Club of Japanese culture at the Japan Center in Vladivostok is a personal exhibition of Lyudmila Konopleva "Fukui - Vladivostok:" Lilac and war. " The exhibition is dedicated Toidzumi Eneko as a prominent national diplomat who devoted the last decade of his life friendship between Japan and Vladivostok. Navy Officers Exhibition "Vladimir Vysotsky in Vladivostok."

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Department of the interior Ministry of Russia for the Primorsky Krai officially
18-06-2013, 14:00, eng news
Department of the interior Ministry of Russia for the Primorsky Krai officially reported that the head of the Center of licenses and permits of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for the...
130 units of special equipment to the streets of Vladivostok snowfall
9-03-2013, 07:49, eng news
The snow, which began in the morning in Vladivostok was easy in the movement of vehicles......
27-05-2013, 11:20, eng news
Information service of Radio "Lemma" - News in the full range!......
New unusual touch in the direction of
14-08-2013, 18:31, eng news
New unusual touch in the direction of the "Fine Arts" 8th Vladivostok Biennale of Visual Arts will be an exhibition of embroidery "The Great East Japan Earthquake - a reflection of the tragedy in the...
In Primorye, continues to operate a program of modernization
10-07-2013, 21:17, eng news
In Primorye, continues to operate a program of modernization of pre-school education. 1 billion rubles for these purposes will be allocated from the regional budget, and the region will receive 804...
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved a list of
25-08-2013, 23:01, eng news
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved a list of subsidies, which forms a single region, Russia subvention from the federal budget for the years 2014-2016. This order is published on the website of...
Sports federations Vladivostok in the upcoming election will only support Igor Pushkarev
8-05-2013, 18:20, eng news
Igor Pushkarev thanked for their trust and discussed issues of further development of the sport in Vladivostok......
Vladivostok Mayor have an account in the most popular social networking
20-03-2013, 06:47, eng news
The official page on the social networks created primarily to Internet users to distinguish between a fake and did not perceive the information posted on the fake pages, seriously......
In Primorye, detained students who stole a large sum of money
22-04-2013, 17:20, eng news
In the police in Fokino turned 31-year-old resident of Nakhodka. A woman reported that she stole 41000 rubles. Pupils who stole the money detained in Primorye The victim said that on the way to...
The meeting took place within the framework of a friendly visit to
12-08-2013, 05:45, eng news
The meeting took place within the framework of a friendly visit to Vladivostok, the Japanese team. Despite the tied score, the territorial advantage possessed wards Eugene Popov. They have created...

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